Monday, May 20 weightloss was wrong.

Okay. I didn't lie.. I was just uninformed. When I weighed in this morning, as I mentioned, I was dunged up and bloated. I still had a loss though and since I don't poop regularly I came to terms with the fact that I probably wasn't going to this morning - I know, so much information lol. So I recorded my weight loss on WW, myfitnesspal and I blogged about it like I do every monday morning.

Before I got in the shower I was relieved to finally do my business and when I got out of the shower I decided to step on again since I was no longer bloated and I had that light, empty feeling I enjoy for stepping on the scales. Well wasn't I the happiest girl in the world when I saw the exact number that I had been secretely hoping for all week - 222.2 The scale had gone down another 1.4lbs - yay me!

My plan was to just stay happy about it and record it with next weeks weigh in. I told Tamara because she's like my weight loss cheerleader - always there for me through the gains and losses, and believes in me more than I believe in myself. She thouht it was crazy that I was going to wait - after all, it was still Monday and I still lost the weight. She said "it counts as this week, it's a really good loss that you earned". Well shit.. she's right, I did earn this, and I'm gonna freakin' shout it from the mountain tops.

So this week my loss wasn't 1.2, it was 2.6 and Im damn proud of it! I'm lost 10.8lbs with WW now, over 10 lbs..almost 11..AHH! Yay! My total weight loss from my highest weight is 28.8 and Id love to lose 1.2 lbs this week to hit 30 lost. I hate to go on and on about it but Im just really proud of myself because Tam is right, I am working hard for it and I'm going to keep working hard for it.

I feel so awesome. If you can't find the will power to go to the gym or eat healthy, just consider how much happier you'll be. I've spent a long time not being able to get into it but now that I'm into it - Im so happy. I am appreciating my body and takin better care of myself - I feel more confident and though I have a ton of body issues Im working on loving it and appreciating it's ability to get me through the work outs it gets me through. I found this and thought it was worth sharing :)

Something to consider :)

big love,
bailey. :) 


  1. Woot woot!
    Way to go Bailey!!

  2. Excellent results...if you work the program it works! XO

  3. Ah the before and after weigh ins... haha you know what I mean! Congrats on an amazing week!

  4. Just wanted to say this is really inspirational. I just stumbled on your blog and am now vowing to keep to my goals too

  5. Weight loss achieved. Looks inspiring as many people (Like me) will be eager to start any weight loss programs but they break up due to the slow pace. LOL… your results and the amazing week are really making me to try again for shedding my extra pounds.

  6. Congrats Bail, very proud!!


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