Sunday, May 5

Super Bailey Paid Me A Visit

Super Bailey is my alter ego who I haven't become yet. She's the woman I want to be and know I can be..but need to learn some lessons, change and grow before I become her. She is the smarter version of me and is strong,independent and has the will power of a.... whatever has a lot of will power. She's a tough bitch who runs half marathons, lifts weights, is an awesome friend, wife, mother and human being. As I grow, she grows and hopefully some day I will be her.

Super Bailey paid me a visit today. I was arriving home from a quick impromptu road trip with Ashley to visit Diana for a night where I ate a little bit like shit. I may have consumed a cupcake or 3 (and not just any cupcakes, the big ass cupcakes with 4 inches of forsting from Piece o Cake in uptown SJ), a chocolate bar, fast food and this amazingness :

Yeah. The Great One from Relish and their poutine .DELICIOUS. Now let me clarify :eating these foods and enjoying yourself is not something I consider bad, evil, unhealthy or negative but I went a little overboard. I feel pretty disgusting and there was no need to eat how much I ate. Super Bailey just stopped by to remind me that having this wkd can't let me spiral out of control. So when I arrived home, I put on my shorts and headed to the gym to do a work out.

I proudly did 20 minutes on the bike, did some strength exercises and I even ran for 15 minutes straight (good for me) which inspired me to actually start training to do a run this summer. I was full of fast food and garbage and really preferred a nap but I'm so glad I went.. I needed to do that to get my head in the right place again.

So the truth of the matter is that tomorrow when I do my weekly weigh in it won't be good. I will definitely have water weight and the scale might be right back up to 233 where I started weight watchers at. I have accepted that, and not in a "im giving up, its okay to be fat" kind of way but in a "I'm not going to let this make me feel like shit and emotionally eat" kind of way. I know what I did, and I'm gonna turn it around.

Tomorrow may mark a sad weigh in day for me but it could also mark an awesome (but difficult) day for me as I start my 24 day cleanse I mentioned to you guys. As some of you may know, some won't, I was offered by a reader the 24 day cleanse from Advocare as long as I would participate with her. I thought why not, graciously accepted and we start tomorrow. I'm nervous but really excited - I will definitely be recording it all here so check in often :)

I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how the weigh in goes but I think we all know what's going to happen here lol. Either way, I'm going to have an AWESOME week! I also have to check in tomorrow with my goals list from last Monday so I'll talk to ya'll then!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
Big Love,


  1. Ugh, I'm jealous of your cupcake eating. I have to stay away from sugar for a long time, i thought it was a genius idea to consume my son's birthday cake and by consume I mean I ate half of it, and not only got super sick - flu wise - but i noticed i added a little something to my hips! I guess I better start working out! Xo Megan,

  2. Hi Bailey, new reader here! You will do GREAT in the 24 day challenge. I just finished it a few weeks ago and loved it. If the fiber drink is hard for you, mix it with 8 oz water and 8 oz Trop 50. Makes it so much better! Good luck girl, I know you'll kill it!


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