Monday, May 20

WW Week 5 + Advocare Update

Another Monday has rolled around and it really does seem like I just weighed in but here we are again. This is my week 5 weigh in with weight watchers and im still loving it. I could be doing better with tracking but for the most part I'm dedicated. I am dedicated in general - I'm so determined to get healthy, fit and yes, I'll say it, thin! I feel so on fire and so ready to do this - I'm so glad it has finally clicked!

I'm still very happy with the advocare cleanse. I'm on Day 15 (Ive been so confused about the days!! Last week I titled a post Day 10 adn I was like omg I fucked up its Day 14 but it really was day 10. Can't keep my shit straight!)I think that I know I need to eat clean to see results and it's keeping me on my toes. I have to remember that when Im finished the cleanse it doesn't mean I get to eat whatever I want lol. When I was away on the weekend I was surprised at how well I did. I packed my own snacks and supper and I planned on drinking so it wasn't something to feel guilty about. The only baddy I did was havin about a cup and a half of chicken alfredo which isn't really cleanse approved. I didn't eat pizza after the bar which is probably a first for me aha. So I'm proud of the weekend and I feel like it shows that Im making some progress with my eating habits.

So are you ready for my weigh in? Last week I weighed in at 224.8 and this week I weighed in at 223.6 which is a loss of 1.2lbs! I'm 100% happy with that. I knew that expecting a 2-4lb loss was unrealistic after the awesome loss from last week and 1.2 is realistic and still really great so I'm happy! The one thing that made me grumpy though was that I haven't been able to go #2 so getting on the scale feeling bloated was annoying. Even if I had got on and saw the same number but didn't feel like my stomach had rocks in it I would've been happier. Oh well!

So in 5 weeks on weight watchers I've lost 9.4lbs! SO close to 10! Next week - I can smell it! :) Guess what else is going to happen next week that is pretty darn exciting? Okay it's not that exciting for anyone but me but it's my 22nd birthday is next Tuesday! Inbox me for an address to send all my birthday gifts too - you guys are just too kind. ha. Sort of kidding.

As for the goals I set last monday, here is where I'm at :)

1. Stay OP. Total check!
2. Don't Under Eat. Check - I did much better this week. It's crazy how I have to watch both ends of the spectrum lol. I guess I'm an all or nothing kinda girl.
3.Run. Could've done better. My knees are in terrible shape so I know I shouldn't push it anyway but I so want to get back into running!
4.Yoga. Fail. I'm going to try again this week.
5.Be Positive. I think I'm doing well on trying to be more positive. :) I'm such a bitcher so I certainly bitch and I will probably never stop but I've been trying to just be a better person and put more into the world!

New goals for the upcoming week

1.Sweat more. I want to have some more intense work outs! I'm considering trying to do some crossfit stuff! I need a trainer so badly.
2.Eat hella clean. My birthday is coming up and I know I'm going to misbehave a bit with the cake and what not so I want to pound out an AWESOME week with food!
3.Yoga. I know if I go once I'll remember why I love it so tomorrow night I'm hoping to go before I do my Community Weigh In since it's right there in the same building right before.
4.Blog more. I've been a bit slack and all I've wanted to write about is weight loss. I just need some inspiration, that's all. I'm currently working on a "fashion blogger for a day post". Should be entertaining at least.
5.Try something new. I love trying new things and going new places so this week I really want to try something new and experience something different. It could be anything!

What is something new I could try this week? Food, place, exercise, anything!
Have you tried anything new lately? :)

Thanks for stopping by everyone and make sure to go check up the other posts for Five For Five at Fantastically Average!

Big Love,


  1. Bailey, if you have problem knees, you should try biking, or running in water, instead of just running. I used to have knee problems from hiking, and ended up having to get them totally replaced...much better, and easier to preserve the original equipment!
    Congrats on the steady loss!

  2. I was hooked as soon as I tried yoga. I have been going weekly for a few months. I have had the worse knee pain since I started running. Currently going through physical therapy. I am working on strengthening my hips, core and quads and the therapist says it should help with the knee pain.


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