Tuesday, May 28

WW Week 6//Advocare Update+HappyBirthdayToME!

I know, I know, I'm late but lets pretend : Its Weigh In Day! If you read my last few posts you know three things : A)I really wanted to see 220 on the scale b)I know that is unrealistic so I was hoping for 221.7, a half pound loss and c)The chances of me seeing a loss after my surprise birthday party (with lots of treats) was not high.

I did see a loss though! I weighed in at 221.6 which is a .6lb loss and I'm totally happy with it. It will help me not feel so guilty when I cheat a baby bit at my birthday dinner tonight. I have had almost no sweets during my advocare cleanse so Im pretty excited for my birthday cake from Sugar & Spice and a dinner out with my family! And yes - it's my 22nd birthday today! Check out my last post for a video of me being surprised on Saturday night! I had no fucking idea!

I'm on a quick lunch break - I've been lucky enough to get a full time fill in position at the Day Care this week so I've been busy! I better head back but I just wanted to check in! I'll be back for my final Advocare Weigh In and a full update in a few days. YAY!!

Have an awesome day and don't forget to do a Randon Act Of Kindness in honor of my bday!

Big Love,


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, girl!

    a loss is a loss. Good work!

  2. congrats on the loss! I have learned to celebrate even the smallest loss because it is a loss and they do add up over time!

    Cannot wait for tomorrow :)

  3. Yay! Happy Birthday! Enjoy that cake, girl! :)

  4. Happy birthday beautiful!! Enjoy those treats, you deserve some fun!

  5. Happy 22! Always nice to see a loss, congratulations.


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