Tuesday, June 25

My Story [Weigh In Wednesday Link Up]

Hi friends! Welcome to WIW and to Being Bailey J for those of you who are new to my blog/the linup. I'm Bailey (obviously) and I Co-Host with the lovely Amy&Ash and our host Heather! There are around 30 people, give or take each week, who participate in this link up which is awesome. I've been doing it for a few months, since back when it was started by Erin but I'm always finding new blogs and new stories and I know it's hard to get to every post every week. I usually talk as if everyone has known me my whole life and knows my journey but you haven't so this week I wanted to sort of recap my weight loss journey for those of you who are new and just wondering what my deal is or those of you who have been here for a few weeks but have just caught me sorta mid journey.

In my life I have probably been on 25+ diets but I view my weight loss in 3 sections - there was my high school weight loss (and gain), my first big weight loss on my own and then my current journey which is sort of a contination of the second. Most of my weight losses have been followed by gains, sometimes of all of it so I don't see it as one continuous journey. I'm all over the place.

At my heaviest : 251

When I was 16 I lost about 40lbs with weight watchers. I felt pretty awesome and that program totally works. I started in January and I did well but by the summer I was being stupid, not eating enough and eventually started binging and in the next year I had gained it all back. After that I yoyo'd while traveling and working after high school until late 2011.

In late 2011 I decided I had had enough and I started eating healthy and working out all the time. My life was work, work out and eating healthy in between. I lost 43lbs and I felt and looked better than I ever had. In the spring of 2012 I started to plateau and I spent the summer of 2012 struggling to at least maintain my weight loss through the chaos of 3 jobs. I was fine until September when I found out my long distance boyfriend had cheated on me. At first I couldn't eat..then all I did was eat. After that it was a slippery slope.

Around my lowest - 210 or so. 

My bf and I had never met (read tags under The Moo for more info on that) and decided to work on our relationship and I moved to California to be with him. We ate WAY too much, I paid no attention to what I was doing and barely worked out, and I gained even more weight. By the time I came home for a big family Christmas, I had gained over 20lbs back and I knew what I had to do.

I spent January-March trying to lose weight and it wasn't happening. I was eating decently and working out every day but nothing. I did an Advocare Cleanse (I wrote a lot about this, look in Advocare tags!) and I started Weigh Watchers which I had used in High School. I've lost over 10lbs since then and I finally am on my way back to 208 (my lowest weight) and hopefully far past that.
A current picture of me at 221

The past few weeks have been a struggle for me as I try to find some balance. I work every day 11:30-9:30 and am surrounded by bad food all day long. I'm tired at night and I want to sleep in the morning so I struggle to get up for work outs but Im doing it. I weighed in last week at 223.6 which was a gain but I lost 1.8 this week and am currently sitting at 221.8. I am only 1lb up from my lowest weight since starting WW again so I know it could be worse but Im ready to continue the LOSING haha.

So that's my weight in and my story in a large nutshell. If you'd like to keep up with me, I totally encourage following me through GFC but sadly, that is going away VERY soon! So please go "Like" my FACEBOOK PAGE (Im 8 away from 400! Help!) to keep updated and if you use bloglovin, click here for my account. You can follow me on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM as well :)

I hope to catch up with all of you guys tonight after work - don't forget to link up with anything weightloss/fitness related - especially those weigh ins!

Big Love,
Bailey J

Saturday, June 22

Bailey Needs Balance.

I feel so guilty for my blog suckage lately. I lost a follower, no doubt because I fookin' suck! Here's the deal : the past few weeks I've been working two jobs and it is keeping me hella busy. I work at a Day Care for 2-4year olds through the morning and early afternoon and then in the afternoon I head to my job as a waitress until 9:30 at night. This makes for long days - long days where I come home tired and go to bed and can't think about diets or blogging or even instagram!

I am SO happy for work but I love my blog and I hate that this time of year it's not something I get to spend much time on. I also don't get much of a social life which makes me sad - I love my friends! On Wednesday I worked from 9-9:30 and I felt so guilty because I seriously was only able to read 3 of about 35 Weigh In Wednesday posts before I crashed- I usually read about 75% of them! The other big thing with being so busy is that my eating goes to shit and my work outs are flIeeting.

This week will be better. I start longer days at the restaurant (11-9) so the Day Care (which was fill in work) won't be happening so much anymore. This means I'll have a few hours in the morning for work outs, blogging and relaxing a bit. I'm hoping this will help and that the days of not knowing what day it is, when the last time I wrote a blog or the last time I tracked my food are over.

A big problem I'm facing is that I'm not losing ANY weight, because Im not tracking and I have no structure or rules or anything. Not having time for work outs hasn't helped. So this week I'm going to start going to the gym in the morning before work and I've created 5 rules for myself to help with the food. I work at a restaurant with so much awesome food so the rules needed to happen.

1.) Absolutely nothing from the deep fry section.
2.) One non water drink a day - either diet pepsi or homemade iced tea. Then it's water water water.
3.) One dessert a week. (This one isn't too hard but I could eat Peanut Butter Pie every day at work. But I wont!)
4.) Bring fruits and veggies from home. This way if I get snacky, I have it. I need to be eating more veggies.
5.) Cut out starchy shit .I want to be eating more clean like I was on my cleanse - lots of fruits + veggies, minimal starch and dairy. It makes me feel like shit, no idea why I do it to myself.

So that's the plan and I'm gonna stick to it. I'm not really logging points lately even though my WW is all paid in advance. Oh well. It's a great program and as soon as I have wifi at my work and I can actually log everything I'll start doing that. For now I'm just trying to be healthy and not die of exhaustion.

Does anyone have any tips for being super busy and trying to maintain everything and do it all? I honestly have no idea how people maintain their lives with children and relationships. I'm single, Im 22 and I have no commitments really besides work yet I feel totally overwhelmed at times HOW DO YOU DO IT PEOPLE?


Big Love,

Wednesday, June 19

Balancing My Summer [Weigh In Wednesday Link Up]

Pretty Strong Medicine
On Sunday I wrote about how I was totally going to gain 3-5lbs at my weigh in on Monday and I was totally right. So I'll put it right out there - I weighed in at 223.6 on Monday, so I gained back the 2.8 I had lost the week before. Like I explained, I deserved it and I do plan to redeem myself this week. I have already started, I'm doing well with eating, getting in some good work outs and the scale is moving down so we're good. No more stalling, I want to keep the ball rolling! I've been stuck for past 3 weeks and I can't do it anymore lol I cannot give up.

This week I tried something new at the gym : bench press. I've wanted to get into big kid weights for a while. I do a ton of strength training but I never try using the bars or anything fancy - I just use hand weights and do things I can use my body weight for (I got lots of that to work with). I was working out with Tamara today and she offered to spot me so I took my chance. I only did the bar with 5lbs at each end but it was me pushing myself and Im glad I tried it. I will hopefully start incorporating them into my work outs because I love when I can feel it and I felt it! My arms shook for the rest of my work out - my pathetic upper body strength at its best.

This month my big focus is balance. I need to try to find balance with my fitness and eating between working crazy hours, working crazy hours at a place with excellent highly caloric food and attempting to have some sort of a social life then balancing the health aspect of being social. Summer time is the hardest time for me to lose weight - there is always food and drinks and when there isn't I'm working at a place that sells both those things. It ain't easy. On top of that it's very hard for me to find time to work out but I'm going to do it.. it's just not going to be as easy as when I was working like once a week. Does anyone have any tips for me?

Instead of listening to me babble on about nothing, you should listen to other people (and join them if you wrote anything weight loss/health/fitness related this week) talk about their successes from the past week! Check out the link up my friends because I honestly don't have a single useful word to say right now.

Big Love,

Sunday, June 16


Admitting to myself when I suck is the hardest part. Admitting it to my blog is a very close 2nd but it has to be done. I find owning it helps me move on from it. I've had pains in my stomach all week because I know I got a bit out of control with my eating since last weekend. I know that I can come back from it but I feel like shit about it and I just feel like shit in general from eating all these things I normally wouldn't.

So here is my confessions : two brownies, a hot dog, poutine, 2 molasses cookies, pizza, a chocolate bar, nacho dip, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, a muffin, oreos, adult beverages and a lot of iced tea, which I normally wouldn't drink as I drink water 95% of the time. None of these are things I would absolutely never eat but it would be rare and it would be in moderation. I ate all that shit in one week. So not okay!

So why this week? I survived PMS without any cravings but once I actually got my period the cravings were off the wall. I know it sounds like an excuse, which I suppose it is, but I don't normally crave anything so it seems wild when I get one. I just wasn't strong enough! Some periods I don't get any at all but all I could think about this week was food, brownies and carbs specifically. I actually felt sort of helpless, I had felt so in control for the past two months or so it was hard to feel that power struggle happen.

On top of all this, I worked about 50 hours this week (which is also the reason I've been missing from the blog world). Some days I was going to work at the Day Care from 9-3 and then working 3:30-9 at Gallaways. That is a long day and though I tried to pack lunches and healthy snacks, I found unhealthy convenience in the wrong places. It's hard to go from having so much time to focus on eating well and exercising to working that much .. so I know that finding time for myself is going to be something I need to work on this summer. I worked out twice this week.. TWICE! I worked out 7 days last week and I love to work out so it's totally not okay that I only went to the gym twice.

Excuses excuses, there really is nothing I can do now. I know for sure that when I get on the scale in the am I will be up at least 3 pounds, maybe even 5. I'm back to where I was two weeks ago and that's unfortunate. I need to work on making time for work outs this week and now that my period is ending there is no cravings and no need to keep eating all that shit. I had my time, now its over and it's time to get back to being awesome.

I am definitely going to have a good week. I am still working often but there is only one day where I work 9-9 which will make it easier to get to the gym. Writing this has helped me refocus and if you all wwant to send me lots of good vibes I'd appreciate it. It's not an easy journey and I am going to keep fucking up until I get it right but I will get it right..... eventually. 

Big Love,

And just because this is fucking hilarious

Wednesday, June 12

suns out, guns out. [weigh in wednesday link up]

Welcome to WIW!
Pretty Strong Medicine

If any of you follow my blogs facebook page (which if you don't, you should - cmon now!!) you may have heard my good news on monday. It looked something like this :

Shout out to my moms super witty comment about being without weight. What a jokester. The point is that after this weeks weigh in I'm back at having lost over 30lbs and two days later I'm still pretty pumped about it. I didn't mention it then but my weight loss this week was 2.8lbs so I am now at 220.8 - so freakin close to the teens. 

At first I was a little disappointed because I was hella bloated and I had seen as low as 2 FREAKIN 17 through out the week but it is what it is, Im glad I lost and now I know that if I keep up the hard work I could see a great number this week. I REALLY want to get into the 210s this week and while I try not to make too many time limits on my loss as it jinxes me, Im ready to start seeing those numbers again!

So far my week is going well. I had my yolo meal yesterday at work and man was it good. It was amazing homemade lasagna (at Gallaways for all you islanders interested) and caesar salad. Seriously it was the best lasagna my mouth has ever tasted. So happy I ate it and I didn't even feel guilty - that is me working on my goal from this post I wrote on the weekend. Later food guilt!

lol. but seriously. no one gets a bite of my yolo meal. 

This week I just want to touch a bit on building muscle. I know not every gain or week I maintain is me building muscle but I'm definitely starting to feel stronger and see some definition in places I haven't before (lets be honest, not many places on me can be defined through the blubber atm). I do so many freakin' squats and I can tell my legs are getting hella stronger. For example I have been able to do lunges the past 2 or 3 weeks. For the longest time I could not to lunges as my knees were so bad I couldn't even get into one. Now that I've been working on my legs and core I am strong enough to get into a lunge without all that pressure on my knees making it impossible. That's exciting and nerdily so but it makes me happy. I love to hate lunges!

I have also moved up on weight for tricep and bicep curls. My arms are a big trouble spot for me and they still seem huge to me but I can feel such a change in my biceps and when Im doing tricep exercises I almost see some lines forming. I've never been much of a fan of short sleeved shirts at the gym but Im feeling way more comfortable. It's summer time : suns out, guns out baby. You can't see my guns but I can pretend. Today I wore some Gapfit stuff that I bought myself for my bday and I felt like a real gym go-er - look at dat sleeveless shirt! I snapped this pic and was pleasantly surprised at the differences Im starting to see with my body and the shifting that's going on. Dear stomach fat : pack up and head to my behind! 

So long story short, I do think that I am building muscle and it's something to consider when I feel I've had a spot on week and I don't see the loss I thought I would. :) 

Before I go I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm back on instagram and keeping up with lot's general grams and weight loss related instagrams so follow me, I'll follow you, and we can cyber stalk each other! 
handle : beejsmallz

While you're at it will you do me a huge favor? If you're interested in keeping up with my blogs and hearing random exciting news like in the first picture of the post, become a fan of my facebook page! I am SO close to 400 likes and it would make me so happy to hit it. 

Now link up!!

Big Love,
Bailey J

Saturday, June 8

The Cheeseburger

I have a problem and my problem is food guilt. Okay I have a lot of problems but one of them is food guilt. I know that a bit of guilt when I eat shitty is good because I'm recognizing that I'm over eating and I can put a stop to it. My problem is that when I get back into the swing of things and I'm eating really healthy and working out - sometimes my food guilt is possibly a bit disordered and I'm not okay with that.

I see the issue and I want to stop but I don't know how.. Maybe I should feel guilty.. and I guess that's where my problem is. I realized today it was an issue when my mother came in and asked me if I had eaten the cheeseburger that was in the fridge and it made me cry. It didn't make me cry that she was accusing me of eating the cheeseburger, it made me cry when I admitted that yes, I had ate the cheeseburger and now it was no longer my secret. Everyone knew I ate the cheeseburger.

I will spend the whole weekend worrying about the scale on Monday and if it will just pop up "You ate a cheeseburger, idiot" when I go to do my weight watchers weigh in. If the scale says something I don't approve of I will see my body differently in the mirror than I had just 30 seconds before I stepped on. I'll blame it all on the cheeseburger, my self sabotage and my lack of will power. I'll tell myself I was stupid to think I'd ever make it to goal weight eating like that.

I will waste my entire weekend having food guilt because I ate a stupid fucking cheeseburger. Whether I should feed guilty or not.. I don't want to. I don't want to spend my life feeling like shit because I eat something that I probably should avoid. I know I can't lose weight if I eat those things though so I don't really know how to stop the cycle.

All I know is I don't want to feel like that anymore and I have no idea how not to.

Help me?

Friday, June 7

Life Lately

My life lately sort of revolves around the gym, eating healthy and seeing my friends. It's about to become mainly about work (I hope) so I do soak up the free time that I have. This week I did a shift at the Day Care, a shift at the restaurant, and I work all weekend at the restaurant.

 In the mean time there was a little bit o' this :

Maddy and I went on an hour hike before I went to work on Wednesday and I loved it. There were lots of hills so it was a good work out and it was super pretty so it was easy to enjoy. I don't mind a good work out if I get to have chats with a friend and there is good scenery. Doing this inside on a treadmill would bore me to do death but I loved the hike.

We also went for a bike ride today which was fun. Dating Mark sort of renewed my love for biking and I'm glad because it's such a fun way to get some exercise in. It was a bit cool going along the water but once we got into the woods (and going up the fucking hills) it was nice and warm. I even got a tan - score!

Such a gorgeous, graceful girl I am. You like the basket? I actually love it. This isn't my bike but I want to take it and buy groceries and just bike around with chores to do and make use of that basket. I love it.

Madeleine looking much more athletic than I. She actually is in the second picture. If you look closely she is there. We were merrily biking along when some sort of flying beast started chasing her and she took off. I looked like a fat slob who couldn't keep up but..lets be real..couldn't have kept up with that. Moral of the story : awesome bike ride. I don't know what Id do without Maddy and forcing her to be active with me.

Other than that I've been going to the gym, eating and sleeping. I did manage to capture a couple of my meals and since everyone loves a good food pic I might as well share.

As you can see I really like avocados. Some people blast them because of their fat content but it's good fat ya'll and since I stated eating them more regularly I've lost weight so BOO on you avocado haters. I love em..and it appears I love salad but it's more of a "I like salad and its good for me so I'll load it onto my plate" sort of thing. I do love some salads but this one had onions which made me hesitate. And for the curious ones out there the first picture is ground turkey and the second one is spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. More delish than one would assume.

One more very sad thing happened this week.. the brakes went in my car. I was driving down a hill when I discovered this but luckily there was no cars coming and I had about 10% brakes so I was able to maneuver and get home safely. I don't think it's going to be too expensive to fix but Im sad without a car and I'm sad I have to spend money that I dont' really have. Oh well - lifes like that.

She looks so sad. 

Anywho. That's about it for me this week - my life is pretty chill! I just wanted to catch up with everyone. How are you all doing? Have a good wkd! 

Big love,

Ps. Sorry about the awkward spacing of the pictures in this post. It's nothing I really know how to fix so just go with it! One life!

Wednesday, June 5

Diet Bets, Progress Pics and A Link Up [Weigh In Wednesday]

Pretty Strong Medicine

I've got this week under control. Last week my introductory Weigh In Wednesday post as the new co-host was total shit - I was so disappointed but it just didn't work out with timing and a whole post being erased. This week I have things to say and Im gonna say em! I'm working my way up in the world. Welcome to everyone who has come here for Weigh in Wednesday and I hope you'll all join in on our link up!

I'll be totally honest - my weigh in this week sucked. It wasn't one of those weeks where I wasn't disappointed though. Well... I was disappointed but I wasn't like "Oh I totally thought I was going to lose! Why did this happen?" I was like "Bailey. You need to stop day drinking and eating rolls with cheez-whiz at 3am" sort of "you deserved it" disappointed. I've lost my hardcore focus and I know this week I need to get it back because the damage wasn't cool and will continue to be shit if I don't get my act together.

Yup. I gained this week.. I gained 2 pounds. I'm not fretting too awful bad because I know what I did and I know how to correct it. I also was down 1.4 Tuesday  morning (I weigh in Mondays for WW) and I was confident my gain was water weight after a weekend of drinking and eating way too much. I'm going to have an awesome week and redeem myself though. Im going to work hard and Im not going to drink this weekend because it throws me off. There was so much temptation this weekend. The weather was amazing and the drinks were flowing and there were nachos...who can resist nachos? Not me. I will redeem  myself though..you wait! 

You may be wondering why that paper says "walking" beside my scale...or why I have a paper beside my scale. Well have no fear - I shall explain. Monday was the first day of a dietbet I am doing with Cassey Ho from Blogilates. I'm sure most of you know who she is and what a dietbet is and my readers might remember the dietbet I totally lost back in the winter but I'll explain anyway!

You start it off with a weigh in and you take a picture of the scale and a secret word to prove you're legit,. You then submit a full length picture of yourself on the same scale and you're set once they verify that you're not a robot or a schemer. You pay 25$ to enter and then you try to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. If you are successful you split the pot with everyone else who reaches their goal as well. It's pretty sweet!

So "walking" was my secret word and I used my weigh in this morning as my starting weight for the diet bet - weird picture explained. I need to lose 8.9lbs in 4 weeks which is pretty steep but I want it and Im gonna git it! The pot right now is136,875 freakin bones! Yes please. I am secretly wishing cheeseburgers and cheesecakes on everyone else who is entered. I suck. 

I wanted to share my full body start picture with you today as well because.. well I'm kind of impressed with it. I can actually see the changes in my body and if you didn't see me a few months ago I guess you wouldn't know but if you read this post with my advocare cleanse results it gives you a bit of an idea from about 5 weeks ago to now. I have a long ways to go but seeing progress motivates me to work harder to get there. 

And just for kicks, this is my last dietbet starting picture - I was 233lbs - almost exactly 10lbs heavier.

Two totally different poses so who knows if there is a difference but there is, like a 10lb one, and I feel SO much better. I was so stuck back then and I feel like I'm actually making progress now. Thank you Weight Watchers and Advocare Cleanse!

So what's up with you guys? How are you doing? Give me the news, join the link up, check out everyones post especially your awesome hosts and stay healthy & fit! 

Big Love,

Monday, June 3

Why Being Nice Is Beneficial

I'm not sure how nice of a person I am or how good of a person I am.. or how anything of a person I am. I'm not totally sure how people see me or how the way I see myself correlates with others opinions. I do know how I wish to be thought of though and I definitely have things I strive for as a human being. At my best I do hope that someday people consider me a kind, generous, loving person and I would feel I lived a happy, full life if people had good things like that to say about me when I go.

Lately I've been trying to be a more thoughtful, giving and kind person. In a way this is selfish because doing things for other people makes me feel fuzzy and nice but if that does in fact sound selfish then whatever - I'm selfish. I've simply been making a more conscious effort to perform random acts of kindness and spread a little positive love to the world. This by no means is to say that I'm some sort of saint because I definitely am not - I still say mean things and act selfishly all the time but I truly am trying to be better.

I guess I just wanted to write about this because I think more people should try it. There are a lot of good people out there, and I'm not saying that there aren't, I just think we'd all feel a bit better if we tried going out of our way to do nice things. We all win when we're being awesome - there would be so much awesome energy flowing if we were all trying to be kind. I truly do believe you get what you give in this world and whether it's truly karma I feel I'm receiving lately, or it is just me consciously noticing when good things happen to me - I'll take it, thats great. I want to be conscious of the good things in my life!

You really do benefit from attempting to be a nicer person - there is always more we can do to make our world a better place. Unless you are all evil, doing something kind for someone will just make you feel good. I'm challenging you all to try it. :)

Big Love,
Bailey J

Sunday, June 2

Advocare Cleanse Review

My Advocare 24 Day Cleanse with Meredith ended a few days ago. The weather has been awesome so I've been neglecting my blog to enjoy it - sue me. I knew I better get the final review up quick though so here it is!

Overall I'd say the Advocare Cleanse was the perfect cleanse for me. I've talked often about how I don't like fad diets or cleanses or miracle pills because I know that 99.9% of the time they don't work or if they do work, you gain the weight back sooner than later. I expressed interest in Shakeology only because you can still eat and it's more a nutrition thing. I would be willing to try cleanses or supplments to ENHANCE my fitness and weight loss but I would never depend on a shake or a pill to lose the weight. I have to depend on me to lose the weight.

When Meredith first offered me the opportunity to do a cleanse with her through Advocare I was skeptical. It was a hugely generous offer and I know it was genuine and came from the heart - she's such an awsesome lady. BUT - I didn't know much about Advocare and I didn't want to be like "oh cleanses and pills are shit" to my readers then do a cleanse I would normally not support. After doing some research though I felt about Advocare the way I do about shakeology and I was in.

On Advocare I was able to eat and no, I wasn't able to eat cake but I shouldnt be eating cake anyway. I was not limited to like half a cup of grapes and 2oz of chicken a day. I ate very clean on Advocare and I felt awesome - I want to eat that way generally. To me I was just maintaining a healthy diet, working my ass off at the gym and taking supplements to enhance the whole experience. I was still eating all my WW points most days, I was just using them for more nutritious foods. The results were great!

As far as energy levels and feeling good go - advocare was great for that. I was able to get up earlier and go all day and I felt so good. The exercise and healthy eating obviously helped with that but I definitely felt more energetic then I normally would - I'm a sleep in until noon then take a nap later kind of girl and there was no need for that on the cleanse. By the end my clothes felt more loose, I felt more rejuvenated and light and I was pooping regularly and ya'll know that is awesome news for this chick. I ended up with some good results and I'm sure those of you who are curious about advocare are interested in the results.

Starting Weight : 228.8
Final Weight : 221.6

In 24 days on the cleanse I lost 7.2lbs - not too shabby! I lot 6 inches through my midsection which I am TOTALLY fine with! I do have some before / afters which I am hesitant to post because I really don't enjoy my body right now but I see a few differences and maybe you will too! Warning : these pictures are not nice and NSFW. It aint pretty.

So there's that. Anyone jealous of my sweet collage making skills? lawlcatz.
I obviously still have a long road a head of me but it takes time to get there. I feel good and I know I need to keep this up. I have been misbehaving the last few days so I need to smarten up this week. I know I will see a gain tomorrow at weigh in, which sucks, but it's not from coming off advocare - it's from not eating well and skipping work outs. This week I'm going to have a really good week and not drink because it throws me off.

So would I recommend the cleanse to others? Yes, I really would. I think if you're going to do a cleanse it's the best way to go about it. I would do it again, in fact they recommend it every 3 months or so, so I may do it again at the end of the summer. Do I think it's right for everyone? Maybe not but you can also get add on thats cater to your specific goals and I think that's great. You should at least look into it if you are looking to do a cleanse. I don't think they ship to Canada which is in an issue for us Canadians (Meredith sent mine to me personally) but something could be worked out I'm sure.

Thanks to everyone for all the awesome support through out the cleanse. Sharing my experience on this blog helps push me so much more than if I didnt talk about it because the encouragement I receive is almost overwhelming (in an awesome way)!

Have you ever done a cleanse? What did you think? Would you recommend a different cleanse?

Big Love,

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