Saturday, June 22

Bailey Needs Balance.

I feel so guilty for my blog suckage lately. I lost a follower, no doubt because I fookin' suck! Here's the deal : the past few weeks I've been working two jobs and it is keeping me hella busy. I work at a Day Care for 2-4year olds through the morning and early afternoon and then in the afternoon I head to my job as a waitress until 9:30 at night. This makes for long days - long days where I come home tired and go to bed and can't think about diets or blogging or even instagram!

I am SO happy for work but I love my blog and I hate that this time of year it's not something I get to spend much time on. I also don't get much of a social life which makes me sad - I love my friends! On Wednesday I worked from 9-9:30 and I felt so guilty because I seriously was only able to read 3 of about 35 Weigh In Wednesday posts before I crashed- I usually read about 75% of them! The other big thing with being so busy is that my eating goes to shit and my work outs are flIeeting.

This week will be better. I start longer days at the restaurant (11-9) so the Day Care (which was fill in work) won't be happening so much anymore. This means I'll have a few hours in the morning for work outs, blogging and relaxing a bit. I'm hoping this will help and that the days of not knowing what day it is, when the last time I wrote a blog or the last time I tracked my food are over.

A big problem I'm facing is that I'm not losing ANY weight, because Im not tracking and I have no structure or rules or anything. Not having time for work outs hasn't helped. So this week I'm going to start going to the gym in the morning before work and I've created 5 rules for myself to help with the food. I work at a restaurant with so much awesome food so the rules needed to happen.

1.) Absolutely nothing from the deep fry section.
2.) One non water drink a day - either diet pepsi or homemade iced tea. Then it's water water water.
3.) One dessert a week. (This one isn't too hard but I could eat Peanut Butter Pie every day at work. But I wont!)
4.) Bring fruits and veggies from home. This way if I get snacky, I have it. I need to be eating more veggies.
5.) Cut out starchy shit .I want to be eating more clean like I was on my cleanse - lots of fruits + veggies, minimal starch and dairy. It makes me feel like shit, no idea why I do it to myself.

So that's the plan and I'm gonna stick to it. I'm not really logging points lately even though my WW is all paid in advance. Oh well. It's a great program and as soon as I have wifi at my work and I can actually log everything I'll start doing that. For now I'm just trying to be healthy and not die of exhaustion.

Does anyone have any tips for being super busy and trying to maintain everything and do it all? I honestly have no idea how people maintain their lives with children and relationships. I'm single, Im 22 and I have no commitments really besides work yet I feel totally overwhelmed at times HOW DO YOU DO IT PEOPLE?


Big Love,


  1. Modern life is hard. It demands so much from us. In the past, people had an easier time and fewer distractions. So don't feel bad about gaps in blogging. Blog when you can, don't when you can't. And never apologize for having a real life.

    Like you, I have to balance many obligations and, at times, my blogging suffers. But that's okay 'cause it's always there when I want to return to it.

  2. I just have to make sure I plan all my meals and snacks it they suffer.

  3. When I was also working two jobs, doing the same thing as you (9-9 days), I would focus on my eating. Workouts were few and far between, but I always managed to get 3 in a week. Either two on the weekend and one on a week day, or all weekdays. Whether I worked out or not, I controlled my food. Every night I packed my lunch and supper for the next day, plus tons of snacks. All healthy, like trail mix, baby carrots, apples and oranges and bananas. You may be stressed, but at the end of the day you CAN make healthy choices and plan ahead.

  4. Funny, I have a blog post scheduled for this week talking about balance too... it's tough some times but you sound like you're in a good place to get back on track with your weight loss!

  5. Good luck! I'm starting a diet today too :/

  6. Those do sound like exaustingly long days. I don't know how you do it. Working at a restaurant must be torture. Peanut Butter Pie in your face every day? Well, good look with the new rules.


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