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Balancing My Summer [Weigh In Wednesday Link Up]

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On Sunday I wrote about how I was totally going to gain 3-5lbs at my weigh in on Monday and I was totally right. So I'll put it right out there - I weighed in at 223.6 on Monday, so I gained back the 2.8 I had lost the week before. Like I explained, I deserved it and I do plan to redeem myself this week. I have already started, I'm doing well with eating, getting in some good work outs and the scale is moving down so we're good. No more stalling, I want to keep the ball rolling! I've been stuck for past 3 weeks and I can't do it anymore lol I cannot give up.

This week I tried something new at the gym : bench press. I've wanted to get into big kid weights for a while. I do a ton of strength training but I never try using the bars or anything fancy - I just use hand weights and do things I can use my body weight for (I got lots of that to work with). I was working out with Tamara today and she offered to spot me so I took my chance. I only did the bar with 5lbs at each end but it was me pushing myself and Im glad I tried it. I will hopefully start incorporating them into my work outs because I love when I can feel it and I felt it! My arms shook for the rest of my work out - my pathetic upper body strength at its best.

This month my big focus is balance. I need to try to find balance with my fitness and eating between working crazy hours, working crazy hours at a place with excellent highly caloric food and attempting to have some sort of a social life then balancing the health aspect of being social. Summer time is the hardest time for me to lose weight - there is always food and drinks and when there isn't I'm working at a place that sells both those things. It ain't easy. On top of that it's very hard for me to find time to work out but I'm going to do it.. it's just not going to be as easy as when I was working like once a week. Does anyone have any tips for me?

Instead of listening to me babble on about nothing, you should listen to other people (and join them if you wrote anything weight loss/health/fitness related this week) talk about their successes from the past week! Check out the link up my friends because I honestly don't have a single useful word to say right now.

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  1. I'm working on finding balance too! It's probably the hardest part about all this...we know how to eat and workout and take care of ourselves, it's just a matter of fitting it all in in the most efficient and healthy way.

    Good luck, my dear! Have a good week :)

  2. I work a different schedule during the summer and that means getting home later in the evenings which makes it hard to get a good workout in. They say the best thing to do is schedule it in your day just like you do the hours you are at work and then you will always have the time. I have had to force myself to do that. And while I am working out much later than I would like I am still getting it in! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for hosting! If you get a chance, please link up with us Monday at Motivation Monday. We'd love to have you!

  4. Finding balance is hard! I still struggle with it some times and I've been at this well over a year! Summer is harder for me than the holidays! There's camping, cookouts, celebrations of all sorts! This year I'm trying to bring fruit to everything so there is something sweet and healthy I can turn to.

    For getting in workouts I've always found it easiest to stick with if I just get up early and get it done and over with.

  5. I agree that its all about balance! While I love working out in the morning, realistically I know that I won't do it most of the time--getting out of bed is so hard! So I'm enjoying working out in the evenings for now until we have kids and I know I'll have to figure something else out.

  6. Congrats on adding weights to your routine. I need to do this too.

    Balance? You've got this! I know it's been said before, but morning workouts are my best tip (and biggest obstacle). I haaaaaate mornings! But if I get some exercise done early, the rest of my eating falls into place for the day (I'll remember that my sad little cardio effort burned as many calories as the extra delish cocktail I don't need). And my morning brain is too dumb to argue. Logging calories on MyFitnessPal has been an eye-opener and extremely helpful too.

    Thanks for the supportive comment!


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