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Diet Bets, Progress Pics and A Link Up [Weigh In Wednesday]

Pretty Strong Medicine

I've got this week under control. Last week my introductory Weigh In Wednesday post as the new co-host was total shit - I was so disappointed but it just didn't work out with timing and a whole post being erased. This week I have things to say and Im gonna say em! I'm working my way up in the world. Welcome to everyone who has come here for Weigh in Wednesday and I hope you'll all join in on our link up!

I'll be totally honest - my weigh in this week sucked. It wasn't one of those weeks where I wasn't disappointed though. Well... I was disappointed but I wasn't like "Oh I totally thought I was going to lose! Why did this happen?" I was like "Bailey. You need to stop day drinking and eating rolls with cheez-whiz at 3am" sort of "you deserved it" disappointed. I've lost my hardcore focus and I know this week I need to get it back because the damage wasn't cool and will continue to be shit if I don't get my act together.

Yup. I gained this week.. I gained 2 pounds. I'm not fretting too awful bad because I know what I did and I know how to correct it. I also was down 1.4 Tuesday  morning (I weigh in Mondays for WW) and I was confident my gain was water weight after a weekend of drinking and eating way too much. I'm going to have an awesome week and redeem myself though. Im going to work hard and Im not going to drink this weekend because it throws me off. There was so much temptation this weekend. The weather was amazing and the drinks were flowing and there were nachos...who can resist nachos? Not me. I will redeem  myself wait! 

You may be wondering why that paper says "walking" beside my scale...or why I have a paper beside my scale. Well have no fear - I shall explain. Monday was the first day of a dietbet I am doing with Cassey Ho from Blogilates. I'm sure most of you know who she is and what a dietbet is and my readers might remember the dietbet I totally lost back in the winter but I'll explain anyway!

You start it off with a weigh in and you take a picture of the scale and a secret word to prove you're legit,. You then submit a full length picture of yourself on the same scale and you're set once they verify that you're not a robot or a schemer. You pay 25$ to enter and then you try to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. If you are successful you split the pot with everyone else who reaches their goal as well. It's pretty sweet!

So "walking" was my secret word and I used my weigh in this morning as my starting weight for the diet bet - weird picture explained. I need to lose 8.9lbs in 4 weeks which is pretty steep but I want it and Im gonna git it! The pot right now is136,875 freakin bones! Yes please. I am secretly wishing cheeseburgers and cheesecakes on everyone else who is entered. I suck. 

I wanted to share my full body start picture with you today as well because.. well I'm kind of impressed with it. I can actually see the changes in my body and if you didn't see me a few months ago I guess you wouldn't know but if you read this post with my advocare cleanse results it gives you a bit of an idea from about 5 weeks ago to now. I have a long ways to go but seeing progress motivates me to work harder to get there. 

And just for kicks, this is my last dietbet starting picture - I was 233lbs - almost exactly 10lbs heavier.

Two totally different poses so who knows if there is a difference but there is, like a 10lb one, and I feel SO much better. I was so stuck back then and I feel like I'm actually making progress now. Thank you Weight Watchers and Advocare Cleanse!

So what's up with you guys? How are you doing? Give me the news, join the link up, check out everyones post especially your awesome hosts and stay healthy & fit! 

Big Love,


  1. Hey there! I'm a new follower and linked up for the first time for weigh in Wednesday. I've been off track for a few months now and finally faced the scale today to see a huge gain! ack! But no worries, I'm back on track and I bet you will be too! Good luck this week!

  2. You can definitely tell the difference with the 10 pound difference! Nice job!! :)

  3. I totally want to do one of those diet bets but I have been too chicken so far! I told myself once I hit 220 I will do one! Good luck, you can do it!

  4. Iam also trying to lose weight. But I weigh in on Fridays. So cant link up i guess.
    Anyways...good job on those ten pounds lost.

  5. That's a lot of bones. Good luck with the dietbet!!

  6. I so appreciate your honesty and willingness to put this out there even though you had a gain instead of a loss this week! That's so great--and your progress overall is something to be proud of!!! Keep it up and I hope you win your dietbet!

  7. I really like using - I push myself to do well so I don't lose my money. Good job!

  8. You look fantastic! I'm at 235lbs right now and I hope I look like your 223 picture when I lose the next 10+ pounds :)

  9. Wow, you can definitely tell a difference between the two pictures!

  10. Theres a big difference between the two pics - sometimes 10 lbs can make a huge difference! Looking good!


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