Friday, June 7

Life Lately

My life lately sort of revolves around the gym, eating healthy and seeing my friends. It's about to become mainly about work (I hope) so I do soak up the free time that I have. This week I did a shift at the Day Care, a shift at the restaurant, and I work all weekend at the restaurant.

 In the mean time there was a little bit o' this :

Maddy and I went on an hour hike before I went to work on Wednesday and I loved it. There were lots of hills so it was a good work out and it was super pretty so it was easy to enjoy. I don't mind a good work out if I get to have chats with a friend and there is good scenery. Doing this inside on a treadmill would bore me to do death but I loved the hike.

We also went for a bike ride today which was fun. Dating Mark sort of renewed my love for biking and I'm glad because it's such a fun way to get some exercise in. It was a bit cool going along the water but once we got into the woods (and going up the fucking hills) it was nice and warm. I even got a tan - score!

Such a gorgeous, graceful girl I am. You like the basket? I actually love it. This isn't my bike but I want to take it and buy groceries and just bike around with chores to do and make use of that basket. I love it.

Madeleine looking much more athletic than I. She actually is in the second picture. If you look closely she is there. We were merrily biking along when some sort of flying beast started chasing her and she took off. I looked like a fat slob who couldn't keep up but..lets be real..couldn't have kept up with that. Moral of the story : awesome bike ride. I don't know what Id do without Maddy and forcing her to be active with me.

Other than that I've been going to the gym, eating and sleeping. I did manage to capture a couple of my meals and since everyone loves a good food pic I might as well share.

As you can see I really like avocados. Some people blast them because of their fat content but it's good fat ya'll and since I stated eating them more regularly I've lost weight so BOO on you avocado haters. I love em..and it appears I love salad but it's more of a "I like salad and its good for me so I'll load it onto my plate" sort of thing. I do love some salads but this one had onions which made me hesitate. And for the curious ones out there the first picture is ground turkey and the second one is spaghetti squash with tomato sauce. More delish than one would assume.

One more very sad thing happened this week.. the brakes went in my car. I was driving down a hill when I discovered this but luckily there was no cars coming and I had about 10% brakes so I was able to maneuver and get home safely. I don't think it's going to be too expensive to fix but Im sad without a car and I'm sad I have to spend money that I dont' really have. Oh well - lifes like that.

She looks so sad. 

Anywho. That's about it for me this week - my life is pretty chill! I just wanted to catch up with everyone. How are you all doing? Have a good wkd! 

Big love,

Ps. Sorry about the awkward spacing of the pictures in this post. It's nothing I really know how to fix so just go with it! One life!

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  1. Sorry about your bummer brakes. You look great and it sounds like you are feeling the same. You're on a roll now, good for you!

    The nature hike and bike riding are great exercise and chances for fresh air. Yey!


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