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My Story [Weigh In Wednesday Link Up]

Hi friends! Welcome to WIW and to Being Bailey J for those of you who are new to my blog/the linup. I'm Bailey (obviously) and I Co-Host with the lovely Amy&Ash and our host Heather! There are around 30 people, give or take each week, who participate in this link up which is awesome. I've been doing it for a few months, since back when it was started by Erin but I'm always finding new blogs and new stories and I know it's hard to get to every post every week. I usually talk as if everyone has known me my whole life and knows my journey but you haven't so this week I wanted to sort of recap my weight loss journey for those of you who are new and just wondering what my deal is or those of you who have been here for a few weeks but have just caught me sorta mid journey.

In my life I have probably been on 25+ diets but I view my weight loss in 3 sections - there was my high school weight loss (and gain), my first big weight loss on my own and then my current journey which is sort of a contination of the second. Most of my weight losses have been followed by gains, sometimes of all of it so I don't see it as one continuous journey. I'm all over the place.

At my heaviest : 251

When I was 16 I lost about 40lbs with weight watchers. I felt pretty awesome and that program totally works. I started in January and I did well but by the summer I was being stupid, not eating enough and eventually started binging and in the next year I had gained it all back. After that I yoyo'd while traveling and working after high school until late 2011.

In late 2011 I decided I had had enough and I started eating healthy and working out all the time. My life was work, work out and eating healthy in between. I lost 43lbs and I felt and looked better than I ever had. In the spring of 2012 I started to plateau and I spent the summer of 2012 struggling to at least maintain my weight loss through the chaos of 3 jobs. I was fine until September when I found out my long distance boyfriend had cheated on me. At first I couldn't eat..then all I did was eat. After that it was a slippery slope.

Around my lowest - 210 or so. 

My bf and I had never met (read tags under The Moo for more info on that) and decided to work on our relationship and I moved to California to be with him. We ate WAY too much, I paid no attention to what I was doing and barely worked out, and I gained even more weight. By the time I came home for a big family Christmas, I had gained over 20lbs back and I knew what I had to do.

I spent January-March trying to lose weight and it wasn't happening. I was eating decently and working out every day but nothing. I did an Advocare Cleanse (I wrote a lot about this, look in Advocare tags!) and I started Weigh Watchers which I had used in High School. I've lost over 10lbs since then and I finally am on my way back to 208 (my lowest weight) and hopefully far past that.
A current picture of me at 221

The past few weeks have been a struggle for me as I try to find some balance. I work every day 11:30-9:30 and am surrounded by bad food all day long. I'm tired at night and I want to sleep in the morning so I struggle to get up for work outs but Im doing it. I weighed in last week at 223.6 which was a gain but I lost 1.8 this week and am currently sitting at 221.8. I am only 1lb up from my lowest weight since starting WW again so I know it could be worse but Im ready to continue the LOSING haha.

So that's my weight in and my story in a large nutshell. If you'd like to keep up with me, I totally encourage following me through GFC but sadly, that is going away VERY soon! So please go "Like" my FACEBOOK PAGE (Im 8 away from 400! Help!) to keep updated and if you use bloglovin, click here for my account. You can follow me on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM as well :)

I hope to catch up with all of you guys tonight after work - don't forget to link up with anything weightloss/fitness related - especially those weigh ins!

Big Love,
Bailey J


  1. I've yo-yo my way through life since high school too & I know all about having a crappy work schedule. You are doing it and you're doing great! All this hard work will pay off!


  2. I don't care what time you get up to work out, it's hard, but I think it's even harder to try and do it after work. I've been up and down the same 5lbs for weeks now and just finally had a 2 week loss, keep at it, it will come!

  3. You are doing great! I think we have all done the yo-yo but that is why we are here to support each other now!

  4. Stalking you on Instagram now!!!

  5. I have been on a few diets over the years too. It is crazy how it is a never ending cycle, well it is time to end the gaining! You go girlie :)
    I can definitely relate with the cray work schedule!


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