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If any of you follow my blogs facebook page (which if you don't, you should - cmon now!!) you may have heard my good news on monday. It looked something like this :

Shout out to my moms super witty comment about being without weight. What a jokester. The point is that after this weeks weigh in I'm back at having lost over 30lbs and two days later I'm still pretty pumped about it. I didn't mention it then but my weight loss this week was 2.8lbs so I am now at 220.8 - so freakin close to the teens. 

At first I was a little disappointed because I was hella bloated and I had seen as low as 2 FREAKIN 17 through out the week but it is what it is, Im glad I lost and now I know that if I keep up the hard work I could see a great number this week. I REALLY want to get into the 210s this week and while I try not to make too many time limits on my loss as it jinxes me, Im ready to start seeing those numbers again!

So far my week is going well. I had my yolo meal yesterday at work and man was it good. It was amazing homemade lasagna (at Gallaways for all you islanders interested) and caesar salad. Seriously it was the best lasagna my mouth has ever tasted. So happy I ate it and I didn't even feel guilty - that is me working on my goal from this post I wrote on the weekend. Later food guilt!

lol. but seriously. no one gets a bite of my yolo meal. 

This week I just want to touch a bit on building muscle. I know not every gain or week I maintain is me building muscle but I'm definitely starting to feel stronger and see some definition in places I haven't before (lets be honest, not many places on me can be defined through the blubber atm). I do so many freakin' squats and I can tell my legs are getting hella stronger. For example I have been able to do lunges the past 2 or 3 weeks. For the longest time I could not to lunges as my knees were so bad I couldn't even get into one. Now that I've been working on my legs and core I am strong enough to get into a lunge without all that pressure on my knees making it impossible. That's exciting and nerdily so but it makes me happy. I love to hate lunges!

I have also moved up on weight for tricep and bicep curls. My arms are a big trouble spot for me and they still seem huge to me but I can feel such a change in my biceps and when Im doing tricep exercises I almost see some lines forming. I've never been much of a fan of short sleeved shirts at the gym but Im feeling way more comfortable. It's summer time : suns out, guns out baby. You can't see my guns but I can pretend. Today I wore some Gapfit stuff that I bought myself for my bday and I felt like a real gym go-er - look at dat sleeveless shirt! I snapped this pic and was pleasantly surprised at the differences Im starting to see with my body and the shifting that's going on. Dear stomach fat : pack up and head to my behind! 

So long story short, I do think that I am building muscle and it's something to consider when I feel I've had a spot on week and I don't see the loss I thought I would. :) 

Before I go I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm back on instagram and keeping up with lot's general grams and weight loss related instagrams so follow me, I'll follow you, and we can cyber stalk each other! 
handle : beejsmallz

While you're at it will you do me a huge favor? If you're interested in keeping up with my blogs and hearing random exciting news like in the first picture of the post, become a fan of my facebook page! I am SO close to 400 likes and it would make me so happy to hit it. 

Now link up!!

Big Love,
Bailey J


  1. Congratulations! You look awesome and I am so happy for you! I have been following your blog for a while now and it is so exciting to see how far you have come! I find you to be an inspiration to me on my weight loss journey and I look forward to your posts with suggestions and ideas!!!! Enjoy the moment!

  2. Awesome weight loss this week! You will see those teens in no time flat!

  3. Great week with the scale! Woohoo! I followed you on IG this morning. I am honeyishrunkthemom if you want to follow.

  4. Wouldn't it be great if we could move that stomach flab to the rear. #pancakebutt here! You are doing great! Keep lifting those weights!

  5. way to go on your weight loss! some if probably is bloat but hopefully that will translate into an even bigger loss next week!

  6. GOOD JOB BAILEY!!!!! You look great!!!!

  7. Great job! That is so exciting to hit a milestone! Keep it up girlie.

  8. Woohooooo 30 pounds!! Congrats girl!

  9. Awesome job girl!!! Those major milestones do wonders for motivation. I know how good I felt when I hit 40lbs lost (just a few weeks ago), so I can't WAIT to taste the sweet success of being 50lbs down... figuratively, of course :)

    Carolyn @

  10. Congratulations on hitting 30lbs!!!! That's amazing! Keep up the lifting and those lines will appear before you know it!

  11. Congratulations on your milestone! You are doing fantastic things, girl :). I'm following you now on Instagram, @RadiantKristen


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