Monday, June 3

Why Being Nice Is Beneficial

I'm not sure how nice of a person I am or how good of a person I am.. or how anything of a person I am. I'm not totally sure how people see me or how the way I see myself correlates with others opinions. I do know how I wish to be thought of though and I definitely have things I strive for as a human being. At my best I do hope that someday people consider me a kind, generous, loving person and I would feel I lived a happy, full life if people had good things like that to say about me when I go.

Lately I've been trying to be a more thoughtful, giving and kind person. In a way this is selfish because doing things for other people makes me feel fuzzy and nice but if that does in fact sound selfish then whatever - I'm selfish. I've simply been making a more conscious effort to perform random acts of kindness and spread a little positive love to the world. This by no means is to say that I'm some sort of saint because I definitely am not - I still say mean things and act selfishly all the time but I truly am trying to be better.

I guess I just wanted to write about this because I think more people should try it. There are a lot of good people out there, and I'm not saying that there aren't, I just think we'd all feel a bit better if we tried going out of our way to do nice things. We all win when we're being awesome - there would be so much awesome energy flowing if we were all trying to be kind. I truly do believe you get what you give in this world and whether it's truly karma I feel I'm receiving lately, or it is just me consciously noticing when good things happen to me - I'll take it, thats great. I want to be conscious of the good things in my life!

You really do benefit from attempting to be a nicer person - there is always more we can do to make our world a better place. Unless you are all evil, doing something kind for someone will just make you feel good. I'm challenging you all to try it. :)

Big Love,
Bailey J

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  1. I think I did it again by posting with my old account. Can you delete it please? This stupid phone is getting on my tits. :)

    You should read the book "Danny Wallace - Join Me" or do what I do and google it if you can't be arsed. Its all about a person who created a collective (aka a nice cult) and they do Random Acts of Kindness for people. Great, funny read. And that's coming from someone who hates reading! Anyway. You're a good person


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