Wednesday, July 31

Healthy is Happy [Weigh In Wednesday Link up]

Weigh IN Wednesday

It is Tuesday afternoon and I'm sitting here eating carrots, mushrooms and hummus, preparing this post for Weigh in Wednesday. Carrots, mushrooms and hummus - what are those again?  Vegetables? What? Wait.. where are the simple carbs? Where is the sugar? And the fat? What the fuck am I doing? Oh right : healthy, wholeosome foods

You're eating healthy, Bailey..because you feel like shit. 

This summer has been full of shitty food and not much of an attempt at nourishing my body. While I admitted to myself and my blog that I wasn't actively trying to lose weight because of my hectic schedule - I failed to admit to myself that that didn't mean I couldn't try to eat some healthy food along the way, even if it was too much or on top of the shit food I've been consuming.

I feel sluggish, tired and full 75% of the time, even when I eat very little. My regularity is off (not that that's a surprise) and I hate that out of control feeling I have when I'm not giving myself any sort of rules for how I should be fueling my body. Whether I lose weight or not - this shit has got to stop.

I went to the gym today and maybe I won't go again for another week but I feel better just for having gone once. I have logged everything I ate today with WW and I will make an honest effort to continue to do so. I'm paying for the program - so why I am not logging is beyond me! I need to give my head a shake. And whether I eat crap or not, I am going to eat at least two healthy, wholesome meals each day whether it is a banana at breakfast and chicken and veggies at night after work - I will get it done. I need to treat my body with a little more respect than I have been lately.

I have two friends who work at bakery type places and I told myself no more of that - maybe once a week but I can't be eating rice crispy squares and chocolatines 5x a week. The obvious trigger for me is working at a restaurant which serves deep fried food and desserts - that is where I struggle and I'm still not sure how to work around that. I'm going to try to bring something for lunch and hope to be busy enough through-out the day that I don't snack. Its really freakin' hard.

Im not looking to lose weight necessarily - I just need to feel better. That's my goal right now. I feel like I'm making progress with the mental aspect of loving my body and feeling mentally healthy and happy but there is more work to be done on the eating front. There is always work to be done in general.

Link up with Heather, Ash, and I for Weigh In Wednesday this week! It doesn't have to be a weigh in (Im up a couple this week btw!) - just let us in on your health, fitness and weight loss adventures! Join us - we'd love to have you!
Big Love,

Tuesday, July 30

Let The Picture Do The Talking

I was going to write a blog post but then this picture said it all.
Big Love,

Friday, July 26

10 Awesome's In My Life!

In honor of celebrating and being thankful for the awesome things that happen in my life and to keep this blog alive and updated on all things Bailey J I have composed a list! This is the Top 10 awesome's of my week! Do you guys give a shit? Maybe not! But lately I'm all about positive vibes and sending that shit into the universe so let's celebrate!

#10. My mom made Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins this week and I've had 5-10.. closer to 10..and they have all been delicious. Best Mom Award #1 of this post.

#9. Get ready for Best Mom Award #2 of this post because Joan is the fucking best and bought me a brand spankin' new pair of Toms just because she loves me! She bought me a grey pair for Christmas which I have worn the fuck out and she ordered me a new black pair that arrived this week cause she ROCKS. Happy as a clam!

 #8. I finally caught up with some friends I needed to catch up with. As I've mentioned a million times I work a lot (which I love to do) so social life suffers a bit. I had a lunch date with Jerusha who I hadnt seen in over a month and I got to visit with Ash and sweet Ryker yesterday afternoon. I'm blessed with awesome friends and an awesome job so when I get the best of both worlds Im a happy and lucky lady!

#7. I got to eat a Popsoratti today - think Panzorotti! You may notice many of the good things in my life have to do with food.. its an issue lol. Diana and I went to Rose n Pops, a small lunch restaurant that I always forget about! I was so happy we remembered they serve lunch because it was so delicious...I rolled the fuck outta thurr.  

#6. The scale went down. I haven't been trying but I try to be reasonable and the scale said 222 yesterday morning - it's been 223-225ish lately so it was cool to see a lower number. Now if it would just go down like 22 more lbs I'd be a happy camper! 

#5. I exercised for the first time in WEEKS - like at least 6 probably eight weeks. It felt good to get my sweat on and I'm hoping to try and get to the gym at least twice a week. I know that's almost nothing but it isn't nothing and believe me, I'd be impressed with myself if I did that. I miss it!

#4. I finally had a weekend off and spent it with people I love having a fucking blast! Cassie and I hit the market Saturday morning then I packed up and we headed to SJ with Emily. Shopping, food and then pre drinks and more drinks with some lovely friends. We had a blast! 

#3. In the above picture I'm also trying my first shot of Patron - I love firsts! That shit goes down so damn smooth and after Josh told me the price - it better. I'm all for new experiences and this was a good one. 

#2. A boy made me feel beautiful. This doesn't happen often..or ever but it's lovely. I'm a true believer that you shouldn't depend on guys opinions to make you feel beautiful but it doesn't mean it doesn't rock when a guy treats you nicely. I've been writing a lot lately about loving myself and my body and they say that once you learn to love yourself, it makes it easier for other people to as well. Maybe its the same for loving your body and finding your own beauty - when you see it yourself, you let it shine, and others can see it too. Either way..he's a really nice guy and he makes me feel good about myself. That's a win in my book - a definite awesome. For those of you who are curious.. I'm not really sure where it's going but I'm just happy to know someone who makes me feel worthy.

#1. This one is pretty exciting - my family is coming!! Tomorrow night my oldest brother, his wife Robin of LiveHappe and their four kids will be here for the weekend. On Wed my other brother Reuben will arrive so it's pretty exciting. They haven't been home since Christmas but it's actually super rare to see the again so soon and Im pretty excited about it! I will definitely post some cute kid pictures cause the kids are awesome and adorable. I'll be working through out the weekend but just happy I will see them even if only for a short time. 

So that's my week summed up with 10 awesome things that happened. Life isn't perfect but it's pretty great - I truly cannot complain!

What is something awesome that happened in your life recently? :) 

Big Love,

Wednesday, July 24

Choosing The Positive Road (Weigh In Wed Link Up)

It's been a week since I posted, actually its been 8 days, but that's okay. The last post I did I used as my WIW post and now it's that time again. So crazy! Do any other bloggers find summer super hard to blog in? I definitely think about the blog every day and stress that I dont' have time to write or good material to write about even if I did have the time. In the winter I had so much down time, time to think of things to write about and for some reason I had MORE to write about even though I was doing less. How does that make sense? Anyways.. I'm clearly struggling. I've written like 5 times since my birthday which is scary. Oh well - I'm living an actual life which is an okay excuse.

Last week I wrote about the fact that I'm not really trying to lose weight right now, I'm just trying to love me body and maintain my weight as best I can. Last Wed I was at 224 and today I was at 223.6. I bounce between 223-225 right now which obviously isn't where I want to be but it's not back at 233 like a few months ago and it's not 250 like a few years ago so that is something to be thankful for.

Since decided to just go with it and try to appreciate my body, I notice that I feel so much better when I look in the mirror. I feel more confident and more self assured - I'm just not worried about it. I'm not saying I'm not insecure - there is a lot I'd like to fix - but I'm okay. I'm trying my best to be happy and its a different attitude for me. I like it - I feel happier this way :)

I truly believe that once I have time to get back into a gym routine and eating healthy again that this attitude will improve my efforts tremendously. When I feel good about my body I want to treat it well and then I feel even better. It can be a viscous cycle of negativity or if you let it, it can be an awesome cycle of knowing you deserve to feel good in your skin and be healthy. I'm choosing to attempt the positive road. You can't say I didn't try.

So maybe next week I'll be up to 225 but maybe this week I'll look in the mirror and think "Hey.. you look pretty cute today". Instead of choosing to worry abotu the scale I'm going to choose an outfit that makes me feel good about myself and I'm going to tell myself that there's no reason I can't feel pretty.

What will you do today to break your own cycle of negative self image?

Link up this week for Weigh In Wednesday and don't forget to check out the rest of these AMAZING blogs!!

Big Love,

Monday, July 15

Learning to Love The Skin Im In

Pretty Strong Medicine

Something I need to do in this life is be accepting of and happy with my body, whether its 250lbs or 120lbs - it's mine, I'm stuck with it. I need to be happy with everything about myself to live a truly happy life. I can still be happy and enjoy my life but think about how much more full your life would be if you were never worried about the number on the scale or how your butt looked in your new jeans. I know that at least for me, that would cut out a lot of stress from my life.

I still want to lose weight but I'm trying to just be happy with my body. I am certainly unhappy with the extra weight I carry but my body could be worse and I'm trying to get more acquainted with the way im shaped and the good things about my body. Why not at least attempt to feel one with my body and try to find some peace with it?

I used to obsess about the fact that my butt is small and Im not hippy. I would complain about how I was shaped like a boy and then spiral into obsessions about never finding a boy to like me. My belly, my obvious issue, plagues me and the amount of times I've wished to be shaped differently should clearly have been spent wishing for something realistic because this is what I've got - this is what I'm working with.

I'm becoming more okay with things about my body. My booty is small but might as well just call it cute and be okay with the fact that I'll never have much junk in the trunk. My shape may not be the typical feminine shape but i have some curve in there and Im blessed with some boobies that I pray do not disappear if/when I lose the weight I need to lose. I'm tall, and though I have a belly, it makes it a little easier to carry this much weight on a 5'8 frame rather than 5' frame. My legs are big but athletic and could definitely be bigger. If it wasn't one thing - it would be the other, so I gotta let this shit go and be happy with SOMETHING.

I want to lose weight this summer but I don't want to obsess over it. I'm trying to enjoy my summer when I have days off. Today I enjoyed an amazing day off, roaming around with firends enjoying hte sunshine and especially the beach. Instead of stressing over what I woudl wear to tan in and to swim in I threw on my underwear and a tank top and said fuck it - my body is what it is. And I didn't worry about it once. And I had a really great day.

So here's to being committed to health, but not committed to obsessing over my body and the self loathing that is tied to that. I had an awesome day once I decided I wasn't going to worry about it. A nice breakfast with a good friend, the beach, floating in tubes and dinner with my mother - what's to worry about? I had an awesome day off and the shape of my body had nothing to do with it. If only I had learned this lesson before now. 

Big Love,

Got something to say about health, fitness or of course weightloss? Link up Wednesday for Weight In Wednesday with Heather, Ash, Amy and I! :) Can't wait to see what you guys are up to!

Wednesday, July 10

Funky Town [Weigh In Wed Link Up]

Pretty Strong Medicine

You don't have to take me to funky town cause I'm already there. I'm definitely in a weight loss funk. I know that I find it almost impossible to lose weight if I'm super busy and I have no structure so it's not a wonder to me why I'm not losing weight - I'm not really trying so there's that.

Today I weigh 224.2 The past few weeks I've sort of teetered between 223-225 so I'm up 3-5lbs depending on the day. This definitely sucks but I'm aware that it could be worse since I'm not putting much effort into my weight loss. I think the biggest thing preventing me is that I eat out so much since I work at a restaurant and on my time off I never know where I'll end up or what I'll be eating - that's summer for ya.

So I could either just relax and realize I'm probably going to gain weight this summer and just do me or I can attempt to do what I can to at least maintain. I obviously choose the second because I'm starting to feel disgusting. Maybe I haven't gained a bunch of weight back but I haven't been working out so chances are I've gained fat but lost muscle. I feel shitty because I rarely eat a healthy meal and I tried on a new pair of shorts the other day that gave me a bit of an "A-Ha" moment (along with a "you're a fat bitch" moment as well).

So this week I will attempt to get back to basics. Will I eat shit? Probably. But I want to focus on getting lots of water in, more veggies, more fruits and possibly some exercise. Super super basic.

Can't wait to see how you guys are all doing! Don't forget to link up for Weigh In Wednesday!

Big Love,
Bailey J 

Tuesday, July 9

Perfectly Polished Nails

The other day I mentioned that I won 50$ credit to my nail salon, Perfectly Polished. I was pretty excited for two reasons 1) I love having my nails done and 2) I desperately need them done!

Perfectly Polished is owned and operated by Vanessa Corsini who happens to be a friend of mine from way back in elementary school. This makes the experience even more enjoyable for me because I can talk about whatever I want - it's not just small talk with a stranger. On top of that, she does a great job on my nails so I can't complain.

Today turned out to be a day off, YAY, so I decided to take the chance and take advantage of the credit I won and get my nails did. I went in with ZERO idea of what I wanted - I just planned to tell her to try out something on me that she's been wanting to try. Here is the before :

I had been testing colors of my own on my nails the night before (I looked ratchet as hell) and we both liked a deep, shimmery blue and Vanessa said she had a shellac color similar so we started there. As she started working on my cuticles we discussed whether I'd like an accent nail and through out the whole process we kind of built on each others ideas. She is really down for whatever, will try new things and has a good eye for it. She ended up giving me 2 accent nails on each hand and I loved the finished product :

How freakin' cute?! I loved the two accent nails instead of just one and I'm happy we mixed up the patterns. I had seen some work she had been doing with polka dots and hadn't totally decided on how I felt about them for me - but i ended up loving them and really liked them with the stripes. We searched through some pinterest and the stripes caught my eye. What do you guys think?

Next she did an express pedi for me with Vinylux polish (cross between regular and shellac) in a nice summery pink. Since I don't have much time to tan I went with a pale pink to trick everyone into thinking Im tanned. Sneaky eh? 

I loved the final product :) My feet were a DISASTER before today so thank you very much Nessa :)
Excuse my awkward feet. 

So if you're living on the island and feeling like a funky shellac or a classic french - definitely try Perfectly Polished. You'll notice that anytime in this post I wrote the business name, it links back to her facebook page so go give her a like, and give her a call for an appointment. Prices are as follows : 

Manicure 25$
French Manicure 28$
Shellac Manicure 35$
Shellac Manicure 38$
Spa Manicure 35$

Pedicure 35$
French Pedicure 38$
Shellac Pedicure 45$
Shellac French Pedicure 48$
Spa Pedicure 45$

Gel Nails 60$
Gel Nails Fill 40$

Mani+Pedi Combo 55$
Shellac Mani+Pedi 75$

Watch out for Perfectly Polished weekly specials on her Facebook Page :)

Hope you leave there as happy as I did today :) 

Big Love,

Saturday, July 6

My First Perks

Weird title, I know.

Who here uses klout? I started using it a while ago because I felt like it was a blogger thing to do. Once in a while I go on to see how popular I am and then forget about it like I'm sure the rest of the world does. No longer will I do that because I am actually benefitting from klout now - how exciting is that?

In the past month I have received 3 klout perks which is essentially when they think you are influential enough to convince other people to buy shit so they send you free samples. I'm okay with being used and enjoy receiving free shit - its been fun.

So far I've received 3 things. One was a coupon to buy something so that doesn't count - I threw that shit out since I live on an island where you can't get ANYTHING including that products. The other two I have received so far are Blister Cushions from Band-Aid and Hawaiian Tropic Moisturizing Sunscreen and Hydrating After Sun Moisturizer with Ribbons.

The band aids are a random thing to receive, I know, but I was sort of pumped. I wear a lot of flats to work and I have a new pair I really need to break in. For the first couple of weeks though, I always get crazy blisters from every new pair of flats I buy so these babies are gonna come in SO handy. 

I'm a big advocate for SPF so I was so down with receiving the Hawaiian Tropics products. The after sun cream is a sweet idea - I've never even heard of it, but Im pumped to try it out. Hoping my days off thsi week will be sunny and I can test em out. They smell so delicious. 

Thirdly I have a bunch of clean and clear products on their way to me as a perk. I love products - especially if they make my skin nicer, so I'm pretty happy that I created a klout account. If you dont' have one you should definitely consider it :) 

That's all from me for today. On my way back to work - surprise surprise. 

Happy weekend and big love !! xx

Wednesday, July 3

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I have been on this insane roll of good luck lately! I believe in karma so I'm wondering if i've just been doing some really awesome things or if I'm just being paid back for every awesome thing I've ever done in my life because I feel like I have a horseshoe stuck up my butt. I don't literally feel like that.. ouch.. but you catch what I'm throwin'.

Good luck of the day : I got the afternoon off. haha Okay so that's prob normal but after 25ish days, give or take, of straight working without a day off.. I feel like a goddess of freedom. It was so nice to have the afternoon off and I may even have the evening off and I feel wonderful. I love work and that's why I put myself through weeks like last week (oh hey 68 hours in 7 days) but it can be a bit exhausting. Crazy hours makes the time I get off SO much more sweet.

Other good luck of the day? I won 50$ to a local nail salon. My friend Vanessa owns and operates Perfectly Polished and I've had my nails done by her before and loved it. She was running a "Share This For Your Chance To Win" type promotion of facebook last month and I won. It's exciting but so strange.. it's not the first thing I've won lately.

My nails after seeing Nessa last time! I love a french classic and crisp lol

Through Facebook I also won a photo shoot with HJ Photography! It is a baby photo shoot and since I am babyless I am going to get her to shoot my friend Ashleys son Ryker and it is going to be SO much fun and SO much cuteness I won't be able to contan myself. I will definitely be sharing the photos on here when it happens so keep an eye out. Check out this face.. how adorable is he?!

Then yesterday I won a 25$ giftcard to one of my favorite fashion bloggers new shop Check her out! I'm thinking about this dress, a bit wild but I love the color and it would be fun for a night out with the ladies. Opinions?

These things are just super recent as well - I've just been on a winning streak, it's fabulous. Today I also received my tops that I ordered from Kiki La Rue. I am absolutely in LOVE with the black and white striped  piko top I received. Plus size ladies especially - these tops rock. This is a large and I'm swimming in it! I was worried about flowy - ladies with bellies have to be careful - because I didn't want to look frumpy. I was pleased though - the fabric hits me in a nice way and the fitted sleeves give it a more tailored look. LOVE this freaking top, snatch one if you can! 

So that's it for good news from this chick. I am totally unprepared for weigh in wednesday but I am still going to co-host the link up so that anyone who comes here to link up can do so. I will be back next week with lots to talk about so please don't count this chick out :) Make sure to check out your hosts and visit some of the other awesomely inspiring blogs. :) Sorry I suck this week! Things will be going back to normal around here very soon... I hope.. lol

Big Love,
Bailey J

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