Friday, July 26

10 Awesome's In My Life!

In honor of celebrating and being thankful for the awesome things that happen in my life and to keep this blog alive and updated on all things Bailey J I have composed a list! This is the Top 10 awesome's of my week! Do you guys give a shit? Maybe not! But lately I'm all about positive vibes and sending that shit into the universe so let's celebrate!

#10. My mom made Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins this week and I've had 5-10.. closer to 10..and they have all been delicious. Best Mom Award #1 of this post.

#9. Get ready for Best Mom Award #2 of this post because Joan is the fucking best and bought me a brand spankin' new pair of Toms just because she loves me! She bought me a grey pair for Christmas which I have worn the fuck out and she ordered me a new black pair that arrived this week cause she ROCKS. Happy as a clam!

 #8. I finally caught up with some friends I needed to catch up with. As I've mentioned a million times I work a lot (which I love to do) so social life suffers a bit. I had a lunch date with Jerusha who I hadnt seen in over a month and I got to visit with Ash and sweet Ryker yesterday afternoon. I'm blessed with awesome friends and an awesome job so when I get the best of both worlds Im a happy and lucky lady!

#7. I got to eat a Popsoratti today - think Panzorotti! You may notice many of the good things in my life have to do with food.. its an issue lol. Diana and I went to Rose n Pops, a small lunch restaurant that I always forget about! I was so happy we remembered they serve lunch because it was so delicious...I rolled the fuck outta thurr.  

#6. The scale went down. I haven't been trying but I try to be reasonable and the scale said 222 yesterday morning - it's been 223-225ish lately so it was cool to see a lower number. Now if it would just go down like 22 more lbs I'd be a happy camper! 

#5. I exercised for the first time in WEEKS - like at least 6 probably eight weeks. It felt good to get my sweat on and I'm hoping to try and get to the gym at least twice a week. I know that's almost nothing but it isn't nothing and believe me, I'd be impressed with myself if I did that. I miss it!

#4. I finally had a weekend off and spent it with people I love having a fucking blast! Cassie and I hit the market Saturday morning then I packed up and we headed to SJ with Emily. Shopping, food and then pre drinks and more drinks with some lovely friends. We had a blast! 

#3. In the above picture I'm also trying my first shot of Patron - I love firsts! That shit goes down so damn smooth and after Josh told me the price - it better. I'm all for new experiences and this was a good one. 

#2. A boy made me feel beautiful. This doesn't happen often..or ever but it's lovely. I'm a true believer that you shouldn't depend on guys opinions to make you feel beautiful but it doesn't mean it doesn't rock when a guy treats you nicely. I've been writing a lot lately about loving myself and my body and they say that once you learn to love yourself, it makes it easier for other people to as well. Maybe its the same for loving your body and finding your own beauty - when you see it yourself, you let it shine, and others can see it too. Either way..he's a really nice guy and he makes me feel good about myself. That's a win in my book - a definite awesome. For those of you who are curious.. I'm not really sure where it's going but I'm just happy to know someone who makes me feel worthy.

#1. This one is pretty exciting - my family is coming!! Tomorrow night my oldest brother, his wife Robin of LiveHappe and their four kids will be here for the weekend. On Wed my other brother Reuben will arrive so it's pretty exciting. They haven't been home since Christmas but it's actually super rare to see the again so soon and Im pretty excited about it! I will definitely post some cute kid pictures cause the kids are awesome and adorable. I'll be working through out the weekend but just happy I will see them even if only for a short time. 

So that's my week summed up with 10 awesome things that happened. Life isn't perfect but it's pretty great - I truly cannot complain!

What is something awesome that happened in your life recently? :) 

Big Love,


  1. I am so happy that you are seeing your own beauty! Family is awesome, and so are good friends :) Looking for the awesome things makes it so much easier to find and enjoy them.
    Don't worry about where it's going with the guy...just go with it as long as it is awesome, but no farther...there are a lot of guys out there looking for beautiful smart sassy, and confident young you ♥

  2. Something positive in my life was that my beautiful daughter may be seeing a glimpse of the beauty other people see in you bunches Bail! XOXO

  3. Love to hear all the good things that are happening to you! Have a wonderful time with your family!


  4. Great successes. And it's nice about the boy complimenting you.

  5. All awesome! It is always nice to remind ourselves of the good! And yay for nice boys!


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