Wednesday, July 24

Choosing The Positive Road (Weigh In Wed Link Up)

It's been a week since I posted, actually its been 8 days, but that's okay. The last post I did I used as my WIW post and now it's that time again. So crazy! Do any other bloggers find summer super hard to blog in? I definitely think about the blog every day and stress that I dont' have time to write or good material to write about even if I did have the time. In the winter I had so much down time, time to think of things to write about and for some reason I had MORE to write about even though I was doing less. How does that make sense? Anyways.. I'm clearly struggling. I've written like 5 times since my birthday which is scary. Oh well - I'm living an actual life which is an okay excuse.

Last week I wrote about the fact that I'm not really trying to lose weight right now, I'm just trying to love me body and maintain my weight as best I can. Last Wed I was at 224 and today I was at 223.6. I bounce between 223-225 right now which obviously isn't where I want to be but it's not back at 233 like a few months ago and it's not 250 like a few years ago so that is something to be thankful for.

Since decided to just go with it and try to appreciate my body, I notice that I feel so much better when I look in the mirror. I feel more confident and more self assured - I'm just not worried about it. I'm not saying I'm not insecure - there is a lot I'd like to fix - but I'm okay. I'm trying my best to be happy and its a different attitude for me. I like it - I feel happier this way :)

I truly believe that once I have time to get back into a gym routine and eating healthy again that this attitude will improve my efforts tremendously. When I feel good about my body I want to treat it well and then I feel even better. It can be a viscous cycle of negativity or if you let it, it can be an awesome cycle of knowing you deserve to feel good in your skin and be healthy. I'm choosing to attempt the positive road. You can't say I didn't try.

So maybe next week I'll be up to 225 but maybe this week I'll look in the mirror and think "Hey.. you look pretty cute today". Instead of choosing to worry abotu the scale I'm going to choose an outfit that makes me feel good about myself and I'm going to tell myself that there's no reason I can't feel pretty.

What will you do today to break your own cycle of negative self image?

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  1. Put on something flattering and everytime I look in the mirror say something positive.

  2. Having a positive self image is SO important! Good for you for focusing on what you love about yourself!

  3. I wish I had an answer to what I do to break the habit of negative self image...this is something I'm working on too!! Wish so much that what I look like wasn't tied so closely to how I feel about's ridiculous, I would tell anyone else it's crazy thinking.....need to learn to listen to myself!!

  4. I totally agree about having a positive image about yourself. I read somewhere that Bob Harper said if you don't love yourself the way you are now, you never will, even after achieving weight loss. Good for you!

  5. Oh that habit of seeing ourselves negatively is such a difficult habit to break! I finally started telling myself that I am working to be healthy which will make me look better. I do not like what I see in the mirror so that is why I am changing it. I am A LOT better about not calling myself fat and things like that though!

  6. I love how an outfit can totally make my day! If I feel good in what I am wearing it shows in my self confidence. I think you are right - we have to learn to love ourselves first!


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