Wednesday, July 10

Funky Town [Weigh In Wed Link Up]

Pretty Strong Medicine

You don't have to take me to funky town cause I'm already there. I'm definitely in a weight loss funk. I know that I find it almost impossible to lose weight if I'm super busy and I have no structure so it's not a wonder to me why I'm not losing weight - I'm not really trying so there's that.

Today I weigh 224.2 The past few weeks I've sort of teetered between 223-225 so I'm up 3-5lbs depending on the day. This definitely sucks but I'm aware that it could be worse since I'm not putting much effort into my weight loss. I think the biggest thing preventing me is that I eat out so much since I work at a restaurant and on my time off I never know where I'll end up or what I'll be eating - that's summer for ya.

So I could either just relax and realize I'm probably going to gain weight this summer and just do me or I can attempt to do what I can to at least maintain. I obviously choose the second because I'm starting to feel disgusting. Maybe I haven't gained a bunch of weight back but I haven't been working out so chances are I've gained fat but lost muscle. I feel shitty because I rarely eat a healthy meal and I tried on a new pair of shorts the other day that gave me a bit of an "A-Ha" moment (along with a "you're a fat bitch" moment as well).

So this week I will attempt to get back to basics. Will I eat shit? Probably. But I want to focus on getting lots of water in, more veggies, more fruits and possibly some exercise. Super super basic.

Can't wait to see how you guys are all doing! Don't forget to link up for Weigh In Wednesday!

Big Love,
Bailey J 


  1. Maintaining through the summer is a great goal! As is getting back to the basics! You can do this!

  2. Don't give up, girl! Find some balance. If you order a cheeseburger, have a salad or steamed veggies for a side rather than french fries. Good luck at getting back to the basics, you can do it!

  3. I've been in "Funky Town" too. Urr... It sucks! My goal is to also just maintain for the next two weeks. Hopefully then my life will calm down. Best wishes to you, maybe we will both be able to catch the next train out of Funky Town.

  4. I find that water is key for me. The last couple weeks my eating has been crazy - I am having some weird "girl" issue so I am craving sweets non stop! I like y our idea of going back to basics.

  5. That's what I need to be doing too - getting back to the basics! I'm glad you are having fun this summer though!

  6. There's junk food everywhere I go these days. Stay strong!

  7. Since you're working at a restaurant are you allowed to bring your own lunch?

  8. Don't forget to track! Tracking is super important, and super back to the basics.


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