Saturday, July 6

My First Perks

Weird title, I know.

Who here uses klout? I started using it a while ago because I felt like it was a blogger thing to do. Once in a while I go on to see how popular I am and then forget about it like I'm sure the rest of the world does. No longer will I do that because I am actually benefitting from klout now - how exciting is that?

In the past month I have received 3 klout perks which is essentially when they think you are influential enough to convince other people to buy shit so they send you free samples. I'm okay with being used and enjoy receiving free shit - its been fun.

So far I've received 3 things. One was a coupon to buy something so that doesn't count - I threw that shit out since I live on an island where you can't get ANYTHING including that products. The other two I have received so far are Blister Cushions from Band-Aid and Hawaiian Tropic Moisturizing Sunscreen and Hydrating After Sun Moisturizer with Ribbons.

The band aids are a random thing to receive, I know, but I was sort of pumped. I wear a lot of flats to work and I have a new pair I really need to break in. For the first couple of weeks though, I always get crazy blisters from every new pair of flats I buy so these babies are gonna come in SO handy. 

I'm a big advocate for SPF so I was so down with receiving the Hawaiian Tropics products. The after sun cream is a sweet idea - I've never even heard of it, but Im pumped to try it out. Hoping my days off thsi week will be sunny and I can test em out. They smell so delicious. 

Thirdly I have a bunch of clean and clear products on their way to me as a perk. I love products - especially if they make my skin nicer, so I'm pretty happy that I created a klout account. If you dont' have one you should definitely consider it :) 

That's all from me for today. On my way back to work - surprise surprise. 

Happy weekend and big love !! xx


  1. The moisture ribbon sunscreen is my all-time favorite body sunscreen! Not so good on the face, but perfect for your body. Way to get that swag =)

  2. I've been so frustrated with Klout because every time It says that i'm eligible for a klout perk and then I click on it, it puts me on a wait list! Glad to see you're getting the perks though, maybe i'll keep trying! very cool!

  3. I really need to get on it.. I have no idea what Klout is but keep hearing about it...! Thanks for the inspiration to check it out :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Nikki at


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