Tuesday, July 9

Perfectly Polished Nails

The other day I mentioned that I won 50$ credit to my nail salon, Perfectly Polished. I was pretty excited for two reasons 1) I love having my nails done and 2) I desperately need them done!

Perfectly Polished is owned and operated by Vanessa Corsini who happens to be a friend of mine from way back in elementary school. This makes the experience even more enjoyable for me because I can talk about whatever I want - it's not just small talk with a stranger. On top of that, she does a great job on my nails so I can't complain.

Today turned out to be a day off, YAY, so I decided to take the chance and take advantage of the credit I won and get my nails did. I went in with ZERO idea of what I wanted - I just planned to tell her to try out something on me that she's been wanting to try. Here is the before :

I had been testing colors of my own on my nails the night before (I looked ratchet as hell) and we both liked a deep, shimmery blue and Vanessa said she had a shellac color similar so we started there. As she started working on my cuticles we discussed whether I'd like an accent nail and through out the whole process we kind of built on each others ideas. She is really down for whatever, will try new things and has a good eye for it. She ended up giving me 2 accent nails on each hand and I loved the finished product :

How freakin' cute?! I loved the two accent nails instead of just one and I'm happy we mixed up the patterns. I had seen some work she had been doing with polka dots and hadn't totally decided on how I felt about them for me - but i ended up loving them and really liked them with the stripes. We searched through some pinterest and the stripes caught my eye. What do you guys think?

Next she did an express pedi for me with Vinylux polish (cross between regular and shellac) in a nice summery pink. Since I don't have much time to tan I went with a pale pink to trick everyone into thinking Im tanned. Sneaky eh? 

I loved the final product :) My feet were a DISASTER before today so thank you very much Nessa :)
Excuse my awkward feet. 

So if you're living on the island and feeling like a funky shellac or a classic french - definitely try Perfectly Polished. You'll notice that anytime in this post I wrote the business name, it links back to her facebook page so go give her a like, and give her a call for an appointment. Prices are as follows : 

Manicure 25$
French Manicure 28$
Shellac Manicure 35$
Shellac Manicure 38$
Spa Manicure 35$

Pedicure 35$
French Pedicure 38$
Shellac Pedicure 45$
Shellac French Pedicure 48$
Spa Pedicure 45$

Gel Nails 60$
Gel Nails Fill 40$

Mani+Pedi Combo 55$
Shellac Mani+Pedi 75$

Watch out for Perfectly Polished weekly specials on her Facebook Page :)

Hope you leave there as happy as I did today :) 

Big Love,


  1. I love both of your feature fingers! They're so cute!

  2. I love your nails!! So cute!

  3. Love the effects you got! Its Really amazing. I love gel nail polish .



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