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8 Stupid Things I Want In A Man

I know we all have unrealistic expectations for our dream man - that's why it's called a dream. My dream man looks somewhat like Shemar Moore and I haven't given up hope yet but chances are he isn't showing up in this lifetime.

Everyone knows I have a preference for mocha but besides that I don't really consider myself picky. I don't need perfect-in fact I enjoy imperfections-I just want someone who I mesh really well with and who treats me way better than I even deserve. That might be asking too much but I wont back down!

That being said, I do have a few conditions that may seem a little odd. If the right person came along and broke some of the rules then so be it, but here is a list of...

8 Stupid Things I Need Want In A Man

8. A Boogy-Er As in dancer, not something to do with boogers. I love a guy who dances and if you dance well you are SO in. I love to go to the bar and shake my booty so if you can't join, we can't be happy together. That's a little dramatic but seriously..huge points to guys who like to dance!

7. Great Taste In Shoes I notice a guys shoes almost immediately, in fact, I notice everyone's shoes sooner than later. A mans shoes don't have to be fancy, or expensive, but if I find a guys shoes ugly, I find it hard to be attracted to him. I know - its SO superficial, but I really like a nice pair of shoes on a guy.

6. Only Half Pretty  I want a guy who looks good but not TOO good. I don't need a guy who is prettier than me, I'm insecure enough. I don't want to have to fight you for the bathroom and I don't want to share my beauty products with you. If a guy is super into his appearance I find it very unattractive. I love a well dressed guy who doesn't smell like an armpit but it shouldn't be your top priority.

5. Big Tipper This is a big one for me as super serious waitress of the world. I need a guy who tips well when the service is good and who treats all customer service workers politely and with respect. If I went to a restaurant or a store with a guy and he turned into the customer from hell I'd be shouting "NEXT!". Not okay! You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat those in customer service.

4. An Eater (this could've gotten dirty)I don't want to out eat you at every meal. I don't need a total glutton but I like I guy who can put some food away. After all, your manliness is judged solely upon your ability to eat multiple cheeseburgers, right Rach? (fyi, anything under 3 is wimpy, boys).

3. A Fabulous Speller Spelling and grammar are important to me. I love a guy who can spell well ( not what I meant!) I have a Plenty Of Fish account (is that an embarrassing thing to admit? Im single and I live on an Island with NO guys, of course I have a POF!) and I pretty much ignore anyone who messages me and spells something wrong or uses "U" for "you", "2" for "to/too" or anything else like that. I've made exceptions before but it totally irks me.

2. A Friendly Drunk After dating a not so friendly drunk, I know now that I need someone who gets giddy, silly and as friendly as possible when they drink. I cannot do the angry, crazy drunk for any longer. Because I drink and enjoy to party and go dancing I don't really want to date someone who doesn't drink altogether but I need me a friendly drunk!

1. Think Im Gods Gift To Men Some girls are secure and confident enough that they don't need to constantly be told how pretty they are..this chick is not one of those girls. Bailey is my name and constant reassurance is my game - I pretty much need to be complimented through out my whole relationship. Every day? Not necessarily. But I enjoy being told I look pretty when I try to look nice for a guy and you will have much more luck with me if you try your best to convince me Im the most beautiful girl you've ever met. Hey - at least I'm honest! I spent a long time in a relationship where I was never told I was attractive and now I know I don't like it.. like I said, Im honest.

What is something a little odd that you need/want in a boyfriend/girlfriend?! I dished, now it's your turn!

Big Love,


  1. I don't think those are too much to ask for. It's good to write it down too. After my cousin's divorce, she wrote a list of all the things she wanted in her next significant other. Everyone thought she was being too picky, but her new boyfriend meets every criteria. Good luck with your man hunt.

  2. Now this is a it!

  3. That's a brilliant list. I need a good hugger, I love hugs, and If a guy is a particularly good hugger I'm a gonner!

  4. Good list. We need to know what to look for in a mate. My key trait is acceptance.

  5. On my list was that he had a car and his own place. When I met my husband he was living with his parents and didn't have a car at the time! But, I think we all have a list and as long as you are willing to budge a little for the RIGHT guy it is healthy to have one!

  6. I was looking at the list and I don't think it's a list where you are limiting yourself to a few people. I think it's a genuinely good list of attributes for men to have. There should be a lot of people out there who can say "Yes!" to them all.

  7. I've got some craz requirements myself. And I am on OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, AND Zoosk! Writing my new blog about it, would love for you to take a look.

  8. I need some crazy things too! He should make me laugh, know how photoshop and web desiging works, love pizza, don't mind about blogging and take selfies with me and take me to Paris every year!

  9. I am in agreement, definitely with 2 & 3! :)

  10. I met my bf on POF - he was the very first guy I met from the site after creating my account- I got very lucky! Now we are in a band together, live together, and are each other's best friend - it is not lame at all to admit you have a POF - hope you find someone awesome!


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