Monday, August 5

It's All In Your Head

I've had this conversation with a couple of my friends and I wanted to share it with my blog and the world because I feel like it's the best kept secret on the planet. Okay, it's not a big secret but if I had known to attempt it before now, I would have and my life would've been of a much higher quality.

Lately, when we go out on the weekends, we've been trying really hard to have fun. I go out with a "this is going to be fucking awesome" mindset..and then the craziest thing happens : it is fucking awesome. And maybe NO ONE else there is having fun - but we are. Imagine.

I used to go out and worry about who would be there, what would go on, if I'd have fun. I'd stand at parties waiting for Mark to text me, or texting Mark or fighting with Mark. I'd worry about what I looked like, I'd compare myself to all the girls there and feel so uncomfortable. In the past few months I said fuck all that. I get ready, I tell myself I look great and I plan every night to go and have a blast.

I've realized that it's ALL in my head and it's totally up to me whether I want to have fun or not. People who have a miserable time are just miserable - they have a shitty mindset. When you stop depending on other people to make you happy - you will be. It's totally up to you.

It works the same way with loving yourself. Ever since I made the decision to at least attempt to love myself and my body I feel so much happier and I'm so much more confident. I can't let other people determine how I feel about it because frankly, they don't really matter.

Life is never going to be perfect but if you look at it from the right perspective, with the right attitude, it can still be awesome, even when it's shitty. Remember that.

Big love,


  1. You have just discovered what every unhappy person in this world searches for. Sometimes even with the right mind set, you don't always have fun, but it makes life much easier to get thru!
    Glad you're finding your place in this weird and wacky world :)
    PS, I am gonna check my tip from last night to see if I owe Just gotta get my car back from GM

  2. You have grown so much in the last year! I am so excited for you :D


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