Monday, September 9

diva confidence at every size.

Four months ago I got together with my best friend Maddy to do a photoshoot. I had recently had a total epiphany that went something like this : 1)I have to learn to love my body, or at least accept it, to be happy. 2)I need to do this at ANY weight, size, shape, height.. it doesn't matter. If I can't love myself at 300lbs, then I probably can't get it right at 125lbs because I will always find something to pick at when it comes to my body.

After this epiphany, which Im pretty sure I wrote about on here, I decided to just start focusing on loving the skin Im in, at whatever weight I happen to be at any given time. I went out, bought myself cute clothes in the current size I was. If I lost weight- great, id buy new clothes-but for the time being I was going to buy clothes that fit me and that I felt great in.

So this photo shoot was with my then new clothes and my new attitude. I had planned to give readers options for the styles I was wearing in straight and plus sizes and just touch on what inspired the photoshoot. Then things got crazy, and four months later I'm just getting the chance to upload all the pictures to my computer and write this post.

I am definitely going to share some of the pictures as promised - the photoshoot wasn't for nothing. All the clothes I bought are now out of stock so the links aren't going to happen but I just wanted to touch on the subject.

I think it was a good time for me to do this as I have lost a bit of my spark - I started getting down on mysef, worrying about my body and lost that bit of confidence I had found in just CHOOSING to feel better about myself. Recently I started talking to a guy from PlentyOfFish cause apparently that's my new hobby and the thought of meeting him was shaking me. Would I be able to meet someone at this weight? What if he ran off screaming? So I think it was good to reconnect with this epiphany and remember that I should love me and respect me and think Im a bombshell before I expect other people to.

So here are some of the shots from the shoot. Hope you like them and hope you don't get awkward over them hahah. Thanks so much to Maddy for helping me with this project and lending her amazing talents to me and my blog - you da best.

Big Love,

aaannnnnd because it wouldn't be a photoshoot without a blooper or two (believe me ..there were more funny ones than good ones in this batch. she snapped over 100 shots that day aha)

needed a snack?
 pretty sure im making a dove with my hands.......
 no excuse..
 almost a decent shot.. lol


  1. You look gorgeous! :)

  2. Your pics are gorgeous!!! Always have and always will think your a beautiful person inside and out! Xo

  3. you look stunning and full of life xoxo

  4. Bailey...Not only do you LOOK beautiful, you ARE Beautiful inside and out.
    Do not ever allow yourself to get caught up in the "thin is beautiful " mentality because it just isn't so. Be happy in the skin the good Lord gave you and you will be beautiful...:)

  5. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. You look awesome Bailey! Love that dress!

  7. so gorgeous so jealous


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