Monday, September 2

Failure To Plan Is A Plan For Failure

I need to do something about myself. The eating is outta control, the laziness is out of control and my emotions are all wild because I never exercise. Shits gettin' cray. I thought if I maybe wrote down a few small goals for this coming week that I could start there and see if I can inspire myself a little, you know, ignite the fire within. Also, I joined my friend MC's online Fitness Challenge. I've wrote about it a few times on here-pay 15$ and whoever loses the most weight wins money. Pretty sick and I should mention the awesome ladies you compete with are a wonderful support system. I just thought maybe it would get my butt in gear.. we'll see. If you're interested in joining, comment and I'll get back to you with more info.

My goals for this week are as follows :
Give Up Soda and attempt to drink way more water than I have been.
Go for a walk after work Tues Night I would do Wed but Big Brother will be on and I know myself well enough to know if I dont have time before Big Brother, I wont go. Im just being honest. If there is time, I'll do it up!
Hit the Gym Thurs+Friday I have those days off so I'll have lots of time to get in a proper work out.
Make smarter decisions. I genuinely just need to eat better. Im not going to start cutting shit out and making myself crazy.. I just need to be mindful and do things in moderation. It would be a helluva step up.

Pretty simple, pretty basic. I'm going to attempt to log my food with WW but I start to every single day and never finish. I have no idea what's wrong with me. I actually feel really upset at myself about it and it makes me sad so I'm going to stop talking about it now lol

Things are about to change around here. Work will be slow, many of my friends will leave the island and hopefully things will shift and be more convenient for working out and getting my focus back. That being said, work will probably be too slow so if anyone knows of any part time work I can pick up - get at me lol.

Thats all for now. Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Big Love,


  1. I am making goals to get back on track too! I have been SO off recently, and fall is typically when I kick ass so I am ready to get back in the game. That challenge sounds fun!

  2. Being aware that you want to make a change is the greatest tool that you have! If you only start your WW log each day but never complete it I think you should still look at that as a success - at least for the time that you are logging each day you are still consciously making an effort to be mindful of what goes into your body and that's great! Now set a small goal such as for one week you will be sure to log everything you eat - if youre really busy take a quick cell phone photo of your meal and then sit down and log everything at the end of the day - maybe while your watching Big Brother! Your goals are great- good luck!


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