Wednesday, September 25

It's All In Your Head [Weigh In Wednesday]

Weigh IN Wednesday
Do you ever have days where you wake up and think "Damn, I look skinny". As someone who is no where even close to skinny, I know it sounds weird for me to have those days but today I had one. I woke up and looked in the mirror and felt so good about the way my body looked. I wanted to capture that feeling for the rest of eternity!

I hopped in the scale and Im still way up there but I didn't let the number get me down because in my head and the way I physically felt.. I felt like I had lost weight. In my head - it was a loss, and Im not letting the number take that away. I'm probably the exact same amount of inches around that I have been all along but who cares.. it's all in my head!

I've been having some bad days but I chose to make this a good day. I'm going to feel good about myself and I'm going to tell myself positives things only - no dwelling on anything negative in my life whether its my body or emotions or boys or money. Fuck that. This is a GOOD day to be alive.

I hope you all woke up feeling fabulous about your bodies! Write about it and link up for Weigh In Wednesday with Ash, Heather and I!

Big Love,


  1. I have those skinny feeling days when I can get into my size 16s without sucking in (a long way down from the size 20). I don't think I've been to your blog before, but am liking it now on facebook.

  2. That's awesome! LOVE days like that!

  3. I guess this just proves that we obsess too much with a number on the scale and need to focus more on how we actually feel! Good post!

  4. No, can't say I've had a day like that. Glad things are looking up for you!

  5. I'm proud of you for not letting a number on the scale cloud your positive mental outlook-- that can often be the biggest struggle! You're obviously doing good things if you're FEELING good! :)


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