Monday, September 16

The First Time I Caught A Fish

I really could go into the first time I caught a fish - I think I still have a picture of it somewhere. I went fishing off the North Head Wharf and caught a big ole' something rather that I was pretty proud of and pretty annoyed wasn't edible. Typical Bailey. But this post isn't about fishing for fish.. its about fishing for humans. Yikes.

I've mentioned on here -and I'm pretty open about it in my real life-that I have a Plenty Of Fish account. For those of you who are lucky enough to be in happy organic relationships and have no idea what POF is - it's an online dating site for those of us who aren't having much luck in the real world or those of (not me) us who want to find sex or cheat on their significant others in secrecy. Not so cool.

It has been 6 months since I broke up with Mark and I decided that I was ready to try and meet someone. I had been sort of seeing someone off and on (which I will probably continue to do) but I knew he didn't want a relationship and I knew I did. I'm a relationship kind of girl, I can't help it. I felt ready to start really moving on from Mark so I took to the streams of POF as I knew I wasn't going to meet anyone on Grand Manan.

I started without pictures - I know Im not the most sexy girl in the world but I kind of figured I'd get less weird messages if  I had no picture. After countless weird messages pictureless, I realized that men are visual and I wasn't going to get any messages from decent guys without a picture so I might as well put up with a few more weirdos and hope for the best.

Out of the couple hundred who have messaged me in the past month I've had good conversation with about 5 and have been interested in 3. One of them I had seen on there but thought he was too hot for me to message, so I didn't. A couple of days later, he messaged me, and my first instinct was that it was a joke - leave it to me. I ended up being being at work when he was messaging me and forgot to reply for a couple of days. When I remembered, I was grateful, because we got along really well.

Fast forward to this weekend - phone calls, a couple skype sessions and lots of texts later, we ended up meeting. He was even cuter in person, and almost 100% how I imagined him which is always a good thing. We are pretty different but there is something about him - I definitely have a thing for him and that is where things go downhill.

After meeting him I decided to delete my POF. He didn't seem not interested, but I don't think he likes me and I feel like I'm just going to face the same thing every time I meet a guy. I feel like they will either only want sex, or they wont' be interested in me and I will be in them and I will just keep getting my hopes up and then feeling sad.

I know how this might sound to people - that I'm just giving up which I guess in a way I am. The thing is, I've spent a lot of the last year feeling sad and letting someone I love dictate the way I feel in general and the way I feel about myself. I'm tired of wasting my time being sad over people. I'm not saying this new guy did anything wrong, he is great.. but I don't want to meet a bunch of great guys so I can come home and feel sad that I'm alone. I just feel like I'm setting myself up.

Over all, I'm really happy I met this guy. He's way outta my league so you can't beat it. I can say I tried something new and I honestly would totally recommend trying POF to anyone out there looking for someone and not quite sure how to go about it. It totally works for people ALL the time. Give it a chance and don't worry about what your friends or anyone will say - just worry about finding someone compatible for you!

Have you ever tried an online dating site? Please tell me funny stories!! I have a mini funny story before I sign off. While at the bar this weekend I saw a guy I had been talking to on POF. Lets just say I'm glad I planned to meet the guy I did instead of this other guy aha. Too much.

Big Love,


  1. Years ago, I went out to dinner with a guy I met on A few minutes before the bill came he said he didn't have any cash but said he could go to an ATM after dinner and pay me back. Interesting considering 99% of ATM cards work as a debit card. I ended up paying the bill and when he offered to go to a nearby bank with me after we left the resturaunt, I declined as it didn't seem like a safe idea. I chose to never see him again (after he called me later that night and told me he loved me, no lie!) but he was a totally HOT and muscular firefighter so definitely worth the money to oogle him at dinner. I have other date disasters but that's one of my favorites.

  2. I actually met my husband on MySpace. I added him because I thought he was someone I knew, obviously he wasn't. On our first date I almost didn't pick him up because I was positive he was going to kill me and dump me somewhere. But, I did and just a few months later we were engaged and a year later married and now it is 8 years later! You never know where you will meet the one!

  3. It makes me sad to hear that you sound like you're giving up. You are way too young to be feeling this way, baby girl. Whether it's match, eharmony, FB, Twitter, etc., - you just never know. Look at me & the Boy. Wasn't expecting anything, wasn't event thinking about it, but I'm glad I had an open mind to it.

  4. I met my husband on ICQ back in 2000! So it is possible to find love online! You will meet the right guy, probably when you stop looking!

  5. Yeah you gave up on POF but you haven't given up on love.

    My advice, and i'm hardly someone who is experienced in relationships, is to keep being true to yourself.

    I know a lot of people who know what they want but they don't stick to their guns. They go for someone who doesn't tick all the boxes. They then don't end up as happy as they wanted to be. I also know people who do stick to their guns and yeah, it might take longer, but when they do find that somebody who they can connect with then they usually are the people who are happiest.


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