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california love.

Back in April my good friend Ashley who is obsessed a big fan of wrestling started talking about an upcoming TNA(Total Nonstop Action - Always feel like I need to elaborate) Wrestling event going on in San Diego in the the fall. I love San Diego, and at the time was still in love with someone in the state of California, so it didnt take us long to realize we should probably take the plunge together. She was nervous to leave her son, I was nervous to see my ex but we started making moves anyway!

Six months later and it's come and gone. We started our trip on Wednesday night, Oct.16th - I worked until 5 and picked her up for the last ferry around 7pm. I knew she'd want to spend as much time with the Munchkin so we took the last ferry even though it would put us at our destination at 1am.. we're bad bitches - we do what we want!

The first issue we ran into was on the ferry when I asked for some peanut butter cups and never got them - I was unimpressed. In the grand scheme, I know it's not an issue, but Im still craving them. The drive was okay but crazy rainy at times. Besides the rain, things went well until we got into Nova Scotia and realized that not only was I low on gas but I was on empty. How did I not notice earlier?!

 We were pretty much in the middle of no where and had no clue how long it would be before we found a gas station. Luckily my friend who was taking us to the airport is amazing and was willing to bring us gas if we ran out so we had a back up plan. We drove into some town in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and of course, everything was closed and we were running lower and lower on gas. Finally we found a town and somehow we made it..I was praying mega hard. I now know I can drive for quite some time on empty - you rock, White Lightning II. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of our bad luck.

We sped off towards Truro, where we were staying for the night and as we got closer, the rain poured harder.  I was happy to see the exit for Truro and excited to escape the rain but just before we exited onto the ramp my car started hydroplaning. We were all over the road and for the first time ever I thought I might actually lose control of my car. It was so scary and when I did get control again, Ashley and I had both nearly lost control and shit our pants. We drove about 15km/hour until we got to our destination.

It was almost 1:30 in the morning by the time we landed, and considering we had about 90 minutes before we headed for the airport we decided to just chill and rest until we took off. The drive to the airport was pretty uneventful but by the time we arrived at Stanfield at 4am we were turning into zombies. Ash and I were on separate flights and had to board in different parts of the airport so we separated around 4:30 and by 5:30 she was in the air and on her way. Wish I could say the same for myself.

Everything went fine through security (thank god there were no repeats of Sac Intl' March 2012) but once I was ready to board my flight, it got delayed. They said it was just some mechanical errors and it should be fixed soon. Two hours later, they said they were waiting for mechanics to fly in and fix it. Two more hours later, they figured we'd be flying out by 3. By 3, 9 hours after we were meant to fly out, people were saying we were cancelled. They never made an actual announcement, they simply started rerouting everyone and putting them up in hotels. It was AWFUL service and an awful way to waste a day. Not only was I stuck in Halifax but Ash was alone in San Diego and I felt so guilty that we would be separated for so long.

The only plus to the day was being given a free night at the ALT Hotel in Halifax. It connects to the airport so it was zero hassle to get there and it was an AMAZING room. I showered, ate and after being awake for around 40 hours I promptly passed out until I had to wake up at 4:30 the next morning to catch my flight...again. There were no significant bumps in the road that day and I landed in San Diego and arrived at our hotel safely.

The few days I had in San Diego with Ash were awesome! We drank, met lots of awesome people (and wrestlers of course), ate good food and just generally enjoyed our time. People give me a weird look when I say we didn't go on a bunch of crazy adventures but it's exactly the kind of trip we both wanted. For her, it was non stop wrestling events and action and for me it was relaxing, not working, being with a friend I love and socializing with some really cool people. oh and drinks of course. I'm very easy to please and enjoyed being able to relax and not worry about work or anything at all.

I left early Sunday morning and headed to Marks. I had to go on a goose chase to find him because I told him to pick me up in the wrong place of course, but he was waiting patiently where I told him to when I figured out how the heck to get there. It was kind of surreal seeing him at first but it didnt take us long to fall back into being comfortable with each other. One thing that I love about our relationship is that I am more comfortable with him than anyone in the world. He was encountered me at my absolutely worst and still loves me so.. that's impressive lol

The few days with Mark were good. He didn't drink which made me very happy. He tried so hard to keep my happy and always wanted to do things I wanted to do and we had a lot of fun. We ate Thai, saw a movie, lounged and watched criminal minds and ate mexican food - all things I love to do aha. And if you can believe it.. I didn't fall back in love. Mark has a place in my heart, and is one of my best friends but after this trip I know I made the right decision in March and I feel empowered and free now which are really awesome things to feel.
Ridiculously yummy Curry in Sactown

So now I'm home. The travels home were pretty boring (although I did get delayed again FUCK YOU UNITED) so I won't bore you with the details. Mostly I just wanted to touch on the fact that the trip was awesome, I hate United Airlines and I am single like I said I would be when I got back. Girl power.

I'm sorry I have been so absent from around here but I have some topics floating in my brain and I promise to try my best to throw some blogz atchaa. Hope everyone is doing well.

Big Love to you all,


  1. i don't think you have truly traveled until your flight has been canceled and you have a good hydroplaning story to tell -- welcome to traveler's club!
    and a big giant HELL YEAH to girl power -- it is empowering to realize you are just fine all by yourself! nothing more empowering actually!

  2. So jealous! Would love to experience all of that (including the delay if it meant going to California!). Glad you had an awesome time:)


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