Thursday, November 21

10 Reasons Life Is Currently Awesome

10. It is still not snowing - thank the lord. 
9. I get to work tomorrow for 7 whole hours. YAY WORK! 
8. I went to the gym for 3 consecutive days which is my biggest streak in over 6 months. Sad but hey.. I'm getting somewhere! 
7. I get to see a ton of my friends and celebrate the lovely Natanias birthday on Saturday. YAY

5. A really big, hot man messaged me today which is always the best. 
4. I get to see my niece and nephews in ONE MONTH from tomorrow!!
3. And one week later I get to see TAM! 
2. There is broccoli salad in my fridge.
1. I just won 50 bones at bingo! FUCK YAAAA. 

Life is truly good. 
What's good in your life? 

Big Love,


  1. Love it...and glad you are happy! XOXO

  2. Haha #2 is the best! I wish it was in mine! Also glad it's not snowing!


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