Wednesday, November 20

Life As A Stay At Home

Today makes a week since I quit my job which prompted this post - check it out if you're behind. My cousin Rachel once proclaimed that she wanted to be a "Stay At Home" which is like a SAHM except you have no children - you just stay at home. It's been the running joke since then that I'm now a certified stay at home and so far, it's not too awful as you can imagine.

Before you think I'm being completely lazy I would like to say that I have not actually stopped working. I am definitely lazy and enjoying my downtime but I have picked up a few hours hours at two previous places of employment and continue to house and petsit to give myself a bit of income. Not breaking into the ole' savings is super important right now so I'm open to whatever. There are very few jobs where I live so I'm extra grateful for the opportunities I've been given at both Harbour Gifts and Primitive Wishes! I also folded laundry for $20 at a party this weekend... I'm not kidding.

Yep. That happened. Aside from laundry and picking up odd shifts, I've spent a lot of time doing things I couldn't do when I was working all the time. My friend Courtney said today, "Just do all the things you always wanted to do that you couldn't" and that's what I've been trying to do. Having lunch with her was one of them - I was almost never able to go out for a meal with a friend and I was almost always the waitress that waited on them. I look forward to more lunch dates with her and my other friends.

I started going to the gym again and where I'm not eating restaurant food every day I've had a chance to start working on my eating without the temptations of delicious deep fried food. I'm taking baby steps but I'm already getting somewhere and feeling better. The gym is rough after being there very few times since I went back to Gallaways full time in June but I'll get there.. one day at a time.

I was able to spend a couple of days away this week to do Christmas shopping which was so awesome! When I got to the city I met up with Jacq, an ex coworker turned biff, and we hit up the big Christmas market in Saint John. It was so fun and we had some very yummy treats aha. After that we headed to Thandis, one of her favorite restaurants that I had been asking her to take me to forever. It was super yummy and I have not spent much time with Jacq that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Absolutely love her.

Pad Thai - YUM

I went to Rachels apartment after that and met up with Cassie. Every year Cassie, Rach and I try to do a special Christmas shopping trip and this year was the perfect getaway and awesome start to the Christmas season! Christmas music playing everywhere, Santa at the mall and shopping for gifts and decorations. So lovely. We also went to dinner, saw a movie and just hung out.. it really was awesome. I love spending time with them!

Rach (awkwardly) getting into the spirit. 

So life is pretty good right now. I would love a bit more work and my days seem sort of long at times but it really could be much worse. I still think I made a great decision and now it's all about making a bigger decision. I know that in January I need to get off the island but the big question is do I move to the city and look for a job or do I take my savings and get my travel on? I have no idea but I hope to have it figured out soon. Who knows?! 

What do you guys think would be a good next step? :) 

Big Love,
Bailey J


  1. Work abroad. Combine the best of both.

  2. A trip to NY is the MOST logical step in my mind. :-)


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