Thursday, November 7

my second fish.

I've been open on my blog and in my real life about using the dating site, Plenty Of Fish, to meet guys for the past couple of months. I am ultimately looking for a serious relationship and found out pretty damn skippy that 99, if not 100% of the men on POF are looking for hook ups and have no desire for a relationship (some partly because they are already in one or more).

I have written about my first, and until yesterday, only POF meet up. I liked him, he lead me on, we stopped talking. We actually recently started talking again but it's a stupid move on my part so.. I'll end this story there. Today I'm talking about my second meet up!

I started talking to Fish #2 a little over a month ago. He was cute and didn't say anything sexual when he inboxed me so I decided to reply. I'm a horrible fisherman - I NEVER send anyone a message and I almost never reply to the ones I receive. Talk about picky. Anyway, the conversation with us was always chill and it never got dirty and sexual like most men tend to do to converations we have. He was a gentleman and has continued to be one to this day.

It didn't take long for him to show an interest in meeting me but like I am with most guys, I was a little nervous about it. He was awesome from the beginning though - kind, interested in me and attracted to me which is great. I have a hard time finding guys who are decent an genuinely attracted to me so this was a major plus.

He is truly a gentleman so he offered to meet me halfway in Saint John, as he lives in Fredericton. This to me was a big selling point - no other guys had openly considered making much of a effort at all to see me so I knew I had to meet him. On Monday Maddy and I hit the road and I nervously began my journey to meet him.

I saw him first, kind of like when I met Mark, and played it cool from afar. I was buying a new phone (which is a different story for a different day - I now have an iphone!) and I watched him walk around the food court looking for me like the stalker that I am. I texted him ad told him to sit down and I'd be right there. Luckily for me the phone buying process is sort of lengthy so I had time to check him out and get used to the fact that I was going to approach him shortly.

When I did approach him it was nice - he had a smile on his face and didn't appear to be running in the opposite direction so I figured 'so far so good'. We hugged, which was nice and pretty much just relaxed, hung out and chatted for two hours. It was the most normal thing ever for being something that is't so normal.

He was nice, easy to talk to and more handsome than I even expected. Did I fall in love instantly? No and there wasn't a huge spark yet, but that doesn't mean anything. I really like him as a person and I'm giving it time - you ever know what could happen. We are still chatting and it's definitely possible that I'll see him again but for now I'm still seeing other people and open to whatever. Who knows? :)

So POF isn't too awful bad for me so far. If I met up with more guys who asked to meet up I'd probably feel differently but I've been okay with my decisions to meet the two who I have met. I'm not sure if I'll ever find a relationship on there..or maybe ever find a relationship in general but I think it's okay to keep it as an option. Yes, most of the men are disgusting, but they're human and it doesn't mean it's IMPOSSIBLE to find a decent guy through POF..just unlikely aha.

I'd love to hear some of your online dating stories - the ones people have shared with me are so awesome and some are even romantic. Share away! :)

Big Love,
Bailey J


  1. I met my husband on POF...I felt the same that most men are on there for hook ups and I had almost deleted my account but a dear friend of mine katie persisted I stay on and thankfully I did...We talked online for a while and then on the phone for a month before we met. We both knew there was a spark from the moment we met and here we are married and have a precious baby boy.

  2. I have met three people using pof. The first two didnt last very long but the third and final guy is definitely the one. I, like you, and super picky I chat with them for a very long time before actually meeting up with a person. The final guy I messaged and he didnt get back to me for a few weeks. We chatted for almost six months before actually meeting up and once we did we knew. He is the person Im going to be spending my life with and I couldnt be happier :). Keep your head up, be picky, and eventually the right guy will come along.

  3. I'm a little late to the game here, but came across your post! I had encountered many a crazy person on POF, but the only one I met ended up being my soul mate. We met a little over a year ago and are getting married in a month! Keep looking, it can happen!!



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