Friday, November 29

POF Gem Of The Day

Sometimes you get introductory messages on POF that make you say, "Really?! REALLY?!" Some examples are
"                                             "Nice rack".... Hello to you, too, sir!
"Wanna fck"..... No, I'm good, thanks though. I'll be sure to give you or one of the other 100 users who asked me that today a shout when I decide I'm up for it. 
"Do you like anal?".....Excuse me?

And then you get a gem like this........
DA FUQ?! Who asks that?! 34 year old virgins from Maine, apparently. 

Big love,


  1. hahaha it gets worse,, believe me. you have to search through a lot of creepers before the right one comes up on pof, but when he does its totally worth of the crap you had to endure before hand.

  2. WTF!!!! That's exactly the question you asked me the other day...

  3. I don't know about you...but that is how I greet all people, not just my online friends!


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