Wednesday, December 25

Christmas 2013

WOW. What a crazy weekend I had. If you follow my personal facebook page you're aware of the craziness that ensued as my parents and I tried to get to Ottawa in the craziest ice storm in years. If not, I'll give you a little update.

Saturday we packed up and headed to Saint John for the night as we planned to fly out in the AM. Before we went to bed Saturday night, we got a call and found out our flight was cancelled - sweet. They had rebooked us on a different flight the following Tuesday (WTF?!) with a delay that didn't put us in Ottawa until Christmas Day. We weren't having that so we rebooked on a flight that left the next AM at 6 and went to bed.

When I woke up, I checked the flight status. We knew things could easily be delayed and cancelled so I was a bit hyper active about it. I noticed our flight wasn't even on the list for departures at YSJ and panicked. We ignored it and headed to the airport and found out there was a big delay once we made it there. Because of the weather that was slowly becoming insane, my parents didn't want to get back on the highway so we settled in at the airport for our 6 hour delay. I was sleep deprived and unimpressed.

By noon our flight had been delayed again until 2. At this point we started to realize these people were just keeping us pleased - this flight wasn't taking off and it wasn't looking like any of the other flights departing from Saint John were either. We rebooked for Monday morning at 11 and went to my aunts house for some non airport bench sleep.

When we tried again Monday morning you can guess what happened - delayed, delayed and no promise of leaving the airport. At this point I was 2 seconds away from a melt down and we were stuck between desperate to get to Ottawa with our family and ready to go the hell home. We had one last option - chance the icy roads and head to Moncton in hope that a flight to Ottawa would leave there that afternoon. We decided to yolo it and hit the road.

Luckily for us it wasn't AWFUL and we made it to Moncton safe and sound. Moncton is a much bigger airport than Saint John and since flights were leaving things were popping there. I decided that if our flight didn't go I was hopping on the plane that was headed to Jamaica - fuck it. Luckily, even though we were delayed, we actually boarded a plane after two days of waiting and though it wasn't on time, the plane took off and that's what matters.

These faces made it all seem worth it! We're in Ottawa and Christmas was awesome and chaotic and exactly how it should be. I spent Christmas Eve hanging out, eating dinner with my family and doing last minute wrapping. Christmas was awesome - I was spoiled as usual and the kids were so much fun. I received so many nice gifts from my friends and family and I'm feeling so happy and fortunate! Christmas was a  definite success. 

I received the naked palette I wanted from my amazing cousin, Rachel. You should've seen me when I receieved it - lost my shit. I also received the boots I mentioned in my wish list post and I loooove them. My mama totally surprised me and got me not one, but TWO new pairs of Toms (in black and red). I was shocked and it was the perfect surprise. I love toms. I got lots of awesome beauty products, some faves and some new ones to try and a gorgeous necklace and ring that I love. 

Stocking - my favorite!

Best part of our holiday? 

It will be hard to leave these guys on Friday but I'm looking forward to NYE with my friends and seeing Tam who gets home from BC tomorrow!! Hope you all had a very merry christmas/happy holiday!

big love,
Bailey J 

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  1. Merry Christmas! Looks like you got some fantastic gifts!


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