Wednesday, December 18

She Is Christmas.

This year I won't be spending Christmas at home. My parents and I will fly to Ottawa on the 22nd to spend Christmas with my brother, his wife and their four children. This is awesome and I'm very excited to see everyone and make some Christmas memories. I'd be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't bummed when I found out though. Here's why.

Christmas to me is all about being home with my friends and family. I love my house at Christmas - the tree, the decorations, the old countdown that is falling apart at the seams, the cards, the treats, the movies and the candles in the windows. They bring me serious joy - December has always been my favorite month. Then there is Christmas Brunch - the event of the year for me and Rachel who I have spent 97% of my Christmas mornings with. I find the thought of not spending Christmas with her very sad.

Rach and I in our Sunday best ready for some brunch with our pepsi.

I love the hustle and bustle and excitement of the 23rd and 24th. I love last minute shopping. I love seeing everyone who is back on the island for Christmas. I love it all and I will miss it but the truth is that I need to grow up. We still have a tree, we still have decorations and Christmas with my family will be amazing even though being in Ontario isn't what I'm used to. I'll still see my friends and last minute shopping is inevitable in every province.

The extra truth of it, that I have realized just recently, is that Christmas will be Christmas as long as I spend it with my mom. My mom makes Christmas. She is behind the treats, the decorations, the advent calendar and all the love I have for Christmas. I inherited her excitement (or anxiety as it may be) about Christmas and though I feel sorry for her, there is something I love about the fact that the whole month before Christmas she is up earlier than most humans because she can't sleep.

My mother has made Christmas special for me every single year. She is the reason Christmas is a happy time of year for me and as long as I'm with my mom, Christmas will always be wonderful. When I finally grow up and someone decides to marry me and I spend my first Christmas away from her - I will cry. But until then, I will enjoy Christmas wherever I am as long as it's with her because she is Christmas to me.

I love you, mom - thank you for making this the best time of year. There is no one like you.

Big Love,
Bailey J 


  1. OK...I'm crying! I feel the same way about Grammie and Christmas...she has always and continues to make Christmas special. It will be up to you to pass it along to your kids and grandkids. I love Christmas and I especially love you XOXOXO

  2. wow, as a mom, i hope my kids feel half that way about christmas and myself as you do about it and your mom!
    she should be very proud to have raised such an insightful and truly genuine woman!
    xo & merry christmas!


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