Monday, December 9

Why I Deleted My POF Profile

I created my Plenty Of Fish account in August of this year with hopes of possibly having my first date, getting to know some guys and maybe ending up in a relationship. The options on Grand Manan are none for me but the stigma surrounding online dating had always kept me from trying. After flying across the continent to meet the then love of my life whom I accidentally met on the internet, I decided I had a POF profile beat already and I may as well give er a go. If anyone was going to judge me they already had when I met Mark so I thought fuck it, judge away.

I took you all along for the ride and with the crazy messages and crazy boys that I have shared with you, I have shared my experiences meeting 2 of the 3 men of I have met from POF (the 3rd I just met this weekend so I'll get to that). One ended up being sexy but a bit of an asshole and one was nice, but is leaving NB . I'm not about to get myself into another extremely long distance relationship - no thank you. The 3rd guy, who I ended up sort of running into at the bar this weekend shocked me. Before we met I thought he was a bit weird and at times he annoyed the hell out of me but I ended up having a lot of fun with him Saturday night. Him and I won't develop into anything though so.. im 0 for 3.

Of the hundreds (I say this honestly, not boastfully - every girl gets hundreds of messages on POF) of messages I've received, I've had genuine chemistry with only 2 who have proved to be genuinely decent guys. One, I have met, and like I said is leaving the province unfortunately. The other guy is miles out of my league and I'm way too nervous to meet him. This leaves me, after hundreds of messages, still single, still having never been on a real date and still wondering what the hell I'm doing wrong.

Although POF has been good on the self esteem some days, it also doesn't get much accomplished and brings up the same depressing questions I had about why I'm perpetually single before the online dating scene. So really, POF isn't getting me anywhere. In the end, 99.9% of the men on there are looking for a piece of ass which isn't what I'm about. I end up falling for guys who don't actually want relationships, even though they might convince me they do, and it doesn't add up to much for me.

So I deleted my account or hid my profile or whatever it is you do and I'm back to just accepting being single forever now. I will miss being told I'm pretty by complete strangers, and I will miss the hilarious and entertaining messages but I won't miss how exhausting it is to try and find someone decent in a sea of non decency and I won't miss being asked about my shaving habits, if I like anal or if I'm interested in a threesome. POF just is not the place for finding a healthy relationship or avoiding questions about anal - lesson learned.

I guess I'll just end this by asking you to all hook me up with your weirdo single relatives and friends and hope for the best.

Big Love,

PS. This article... lawl.


  1. No one is out off your league, unless you want them to be. What are you scared of? That it may work just perfectly? Go get him girl!!

  2. haha ok I held it together until the Anal part lolol

    I am sorry internet dating is lame :( You are amazing and beautiful and whether you shave frequently or like anal, I still like you. :D

  3. Thank you for this, this is why i prob wont ever make a POF account. lol you saved me from all of this that you have been through. I dont think you will be alone forever, just try other things to get out there, or to be honest go to a PAID site. Maybe the guys are less douchie when they have to pay for something. lol just a thought. xoxo

  4. I had basically the same experience! Thanks for this. You had me cracking up (especially throwing the milkshake meme in there... rad!) Good luck hun!


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