Friday, December 20

Wish List 2013

Because I have been so back and forth about my plans for 2014 I wasn't really sure what I wanted for I literally could think of nothing reasonable. I like practical - I don't want things I can't/won't use so I wanted to have things for travel if I decided to do so or things for moving to the city if that is what I chose (I'll touch more on what I chose in a post after Christmas). Unfortunately for anyone who wants to shop for me I'm frustratingly last minute so I didn't know of anything I really wanted until recently. The following are my Top 5 things I would love to receive. 

This is my favorite Naked Palette yet - gorgeous colors. Ever since I saw it I was like - I need it. I'm not a huge eye shadow person but these are generally the shades I lean towards when I get all buck wild in the make up department. Want want want. 
I'm SO picky about boots but I'm so in love with these Wine Colored boots from Forever 21. Now if I can just find a black pair I love (these look cheap in black - no me gusta) I'd be set! 

3. Winter Tires
Yep - I'm officially the lamest 22 year old ever. I find the idea of nice tires on white lightning quite thrilling as I don't wish to lose control. Ever since I almost had an accident last winter I'm totally nervous on the road now which I never was.. I'm getting way too paranoid. Anyways - Im leaving my car at the shop while I'm away on Christmas Vacation and when I get back there's going to be winter tires on that puppy and Mom is paying for half so - Merry Christmas to me - thanks Ma!! 

Snow tires and make up... what a woman! I think these are so awesome for storing make up - so organized and lovely. This one is sort of giant but I LOVE it and would love to buy even more make up to fill this baby up. I definitely don't need one that is so extravagant but I'd like one anyway. 

5. Gift Cards
I am not someone who thinks Gift Cards are thoughtless and lame - I LOVE me some gift card action. You can get me a gift card to pretty much anywhere and I will appreciate it and most certainly find a way to spend it. I find giving money a bit lame for some reason - gift cards means I'm sure to go buy something not just pay off my visa (LAME!). Gift cards fo' life. 

What is at the top of your wishlist this year? 

Big Christmas Love,
Bailey J 


  1. Hmmmm, I love those boots! I went and looked at the size chart, but I'm not sure they'd fit my colossal calves. Oh well, dream on! You're right about the winter tires though, that's be awesome to have!

  2. Love this list! I'm also a lame adult and got new tires a few weeks ago. They are studless winter tires and I don't feel like my car is a 3000lb ice skater anymore! Yay for adulthood!


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