Friday, January 17

My Name Is Bailey..And I Have A Period.

Disclaimer : This disclaimer is totally contradictory to the point of this post but I do respect my readers and understand that not everyone is comfortable reading about other peoples periods so.. I do go into detail and I just wanted to put that out there. :)

The other day as I walked through Walmart, grocery shopping with my friend, I left my purse open and aloof in the cart as I searched for the perfect zucchini (found 3.. chicka chicka yeah). My purse contains all the essentials - lip gloss, pens, cell phone and of course, tampons. Apparently my tampons were out in the open which I didn't even notice until my friend mentioned it. "Bailey.. your purse is open and there are tampons in there.." I'm pretty sure my reaction to this was "I don't care. I'm a girl. I have a period"

Then today a facebook friend posted this article "Sorry, We're Not Sorry : The 20 Things Women Should No Longer Have To Apologize For"  and having our period was number 1. When I read this all I could think was "A-Fucking-Men!" SERIOUSLY. Since I went to youth group as a pre-teen and learned women who were on their periods were shunned back in the day, I had serious struggles understanding what is so disgraceful about having my period - I was totally perplexed. Half the fucking population has their period eventually- why aren't we over it yet?!

I am not one to be ashamed of my period. I don't care if a boy sees my tampons, I don't care if my father sees my tampons, I don't care if someone knows I have my period and if I have an emergency, I have no trouble explaining to someone that my period is the reason I need to miss work/school, run to the bathroom, eat a cheesecake or tear a strip off of them. Why should I be ashamed that I am having a totally normal physical experience that all women have and that I have no control over?

I was very lucky when it came to my first boyfriend and dealing with my period around him. I was very comfortable with him and he was pretty cool about the fact that I'm a girl and once a month I get buck wild and shed my endometrial lining. But I wasn't always so "don't give a fuck" about my period.

I wasn't very lucky when it came to my period especially during middle and high school. I have suffered some pretty insane periods - heavy, painful and the emotional side effects were wild. I sometimes had to skip school and my period was so heavy and uncontrollable I spent my days at school worrying whether the teacher would let me go to the bathroom and if she didn't how was I going to ever survive leaking through my pants with my classmates and believe me - it happened if I couldn't get to the bathroom.

I remember one incident on a school trip that I always wince at whenever it pops into my head. I was probably 16 and although most people would consider that old enough to be able to control what's going on with your body - my period was wild and I wasn't able to at times. I can't explain to you how insane life was for me during that time but as an example, I would never be able to go more than half an hour without changing my super tampon, EVER. I could not keep up with it and especially so far from the comforts of my home. I remember leaking in the mall and no one would help me or console me or really acknowledge that I was having a mortifying experience. I just remember trying to figure out how to deal with being in a mall with blood all over my pants on my own at the very vulnerable age of 16. The details are blurry and I have certainly tried to forget it but I remember the embarrassment and shame and how mortified I was. I could cry right now thinking about it but I have been drinking wine so .. that could be making me more emotional than needed.

This experience is not unique - many girls go through things like this and you feel so alone and ashamed and it's awful but it shouldn't be. Yes, it's always going to be embarrassing and never going to pleasant but we should never apologize for our periods - period. Now that I'm older and more confident and my period is MUCH easier to handle, I have learned to never be too serious about it and go with the flow. Pun intended.

Am I saying you should let everyone know when that time of the month rolls around? No - it's totally up to you but there is no reason to let our periods isolate or embarrass us. If you are a dating a guy, eventually he is going to have to face the fact that you have one so letting it be an issue is just silly.

I'm tired of being asked if I'm on my period if I'm grumpy, I'm tired of explaining why I ate that 12" pizza and I reserve the right to writhe in pain on my bed for a day in my disgusting granny period panties if I fucking feel like it. I definitely will not be apologizing for my period any time soon.

And that's that.

Big Love,

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  1. You're so right. And that pic at the bottom of your post is priceless!


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