Tuesday, January 28

Pof Saga : Same Girl

Yesterday I told ya'll about my awkward bowling session on Sunday and I promised to fill you in on another POF blooper today and I'm keeping that promise. I'm actually surprised at myself because I've been super randomly blogging - once a week, once every two weeks - so the fact that I remembered and I'm following through is pretty incredible.

(because this song will be good background music for this story)

So onto the story. As I mentioned yesterday, I am back on POF and keeping my options open. I don't talk to many people but you just never know what could happen. Last week I was having a drink with a friend and a cute guy started messaging me through POF. Him and his friend were drinking too and asked us to come over. We thought about hanging out with them as he lives in the building beside mine, but it ended up not working out. He invited me to come over after the bar and I declined - I don't do booty calls. We talked a bit more but the conversation eventually dwindled.

Once we made it to the bar a new cute guy started messaging me. He was interesting and had cool designs shaved into his head so I chatted him up. He was drinking what my cousin and I were drinking and since the bar was kind of boring we considered going there and drinking with him and his friend - why not enjoy a smirnoff ice and some cute good company? Couldn't think of a reason so I asked where he lived.

This is where it gets funny. He let me know that he lives right beside my building and after showing his friend my picture and saying I might come over, his friend said he had just invited me over too -- I had been messaging two guys that were friends, in the same apartment, and my neighbors to boot. Too fuckin' funny.

We all laughed about it and I am still chatting with the 2nd guy - he seems cool and like someone I could just chill with which works out since he lives so close. One thing is for sure - Saint John has not brought me success with dating but it is definitely bringing out the wild in me little by little and I'm excited for the adventures that will take place. I'm ready for it.

If you like hearing my POF stories let me know because I will keep em coming!

Big Love,


  1. HAHAHA BAILEY J, I LOVE YOU. My stomach hurts from laughing. Thank you for this gift.

  2. OK you told me this story on sat and i totally didnt get it hahhahhahahhah its way funnier now.


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