Monday, January 27

POF Strikes Again

I think it's safe to say that I have bad, or at least weird, luck with men. They love to hate me and I can't get a date to save my life. When I CAN get a date, he's a midget with no teeth or he asks me to pay and it would kill the universe to let me go on a date with a decent guy who isn't a total scrub.

That being said, a couple weeks ago I started talking to a really nice guy on POF (yes, I got it back, I'm a weakling) and though it wasn't flirty, he had potential - nice, cute, goes to school, could form full sentences - a winner for POF. We didn't talk much but I had hope for it.. until the pieces started falling together. It didn't take too long to find out that he was seeing one of my best friends roommates (who I happen to really like). FOR FUCKS SAKES.

I messaged him, let him know we couldnt talk anymore and she messaged him and mentioned he had been talking to her friend. A bit awkward but -- it had to be done. So now it was out in the open and since him and I had never even met I assumed the situation was over... until I went on a date with them. Yep.. I did.

Last night, Bre messaged me and asked if I'd go bowling with her, and her roommate and the guy. Instead of being awkward I thought, what the hell, and off I went on a bowling date with the 3 of them. I'm not an awkward person - I believe situations can only make you feel how you let them make you feel, and I truly thought it went pretty well. Obviously it was a bit odd but this is MY life we are talking about.

I know you guys like my POF stories and I have another awesome one for you so tune in tomorrow and I'll fill you in on the hilariousness of last Wednesday night and my POF adventures.

Big Love,


  1. A few years ago I had a similar dating website situation. A girlfriend and I were both on the same dating website and apparently had been messaging with the same guy until I met someone organically (in the real world) and stopped accessing the site. Neither of us realized we had been talking to the same guy until one night she and I were planning to go on a double date and she mentioned her dates on-line name .... we didn't tell him and just about blew his mind when we both showed up and he recogized us both from the site. He thought we were both there for him until my date showed up - it was HILARIOUS!

    And don't lose hope in POF - the guy I've been dating for over a year now and I met through POF so there are some good ones out there!

  2. this is so great, I'm glad you are living up your single life and have the balls to meet people from there. I only ever thought about meeting one guy of POF and it never actually happened, which is probably a good thing, because everything happens for a reason and I like how my life turned out. Even if it's pretty much set on repeat from the past :P Here's for hoping the third times the charm and we're done breaking up and getting back together, cause obviously we can't stay away. Can't wait to here some more stories!! And really can't wait until you find a winner :) good luck girl! make it count :)


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