Sunday, February 2

karaoke and some POF awkiez.

It's a Saturday night and though I would love to go out and shake my booty this liver needs a rest! So I'm chilling at home, watching I love you man and catching ya'll up on my life. Honestly - I am really enjoying my life right now. I'm not making nearly enough money, my luck with men is still hellish - pretty sure my crush is plotting my demise- and laundry costs me 6$ a load but.. life is actually really good.

I moved to Saint John for something different - to have some new experiences, meet new people and start enjoying my life more. I feel I made a good decision because I've been doing all those things. I've been going out and meeting some great new people and even when Im just chilling at my apartment I'm very content with my life.

Something I've wanted to do for a while now is sing more. Karaoke isn't exactly performing but I ended up going to karaoke twice this week and singing. It's all in good fun but it's awesome to sing again even if its just being drunk and silly. Best part of my performances? Closing them with "I'm new in town and I'm single"... I wish that was a joke but..its not. I'll definitely be going more and maybe singing some more. Why not eh?

Something I am discovering though is that Saint John is way smaller than I thought. After the last two POF incidences you'd think I would've realized but yesterday I finally got it. Remember in this post when I talked about chatting up two guys who ended up being in the same room? Well I've been chatting with one of them and hes cool and I imagine we'll meet at some point but we've now officially run into each other.. like literally.

Yesterday when I was going into the liquor store I turned the corner and almost body checked him. We hadn't met yet so we both just kept going but I felt confident it was him and when he messaged me and said he thought he saw me my worst nightmare was confirmed as I looked like total shit. He still wants to hang out though so.. its all good.

Then today at work I discovered a guy I had talked to for a while, but recently snubbed me at the bar, is my coworkers brother! When I met her I instantly wondered if they could be related as they looked so much alike and their names were similar which is a weird reason I know. Today I asked what her brothers name was and it was him and I let her in on it. We had a good laugh and I told her to tell him I said hi - small world for sure.

So that's my life right now - work, fun and awkward POF stories. I could write a freakin' book on this I swear! But it's funny, entertaining and I'm loving every minute of it.

Big Love,

Ps. I shared this on my facebook today because it's just so awesome and true and me.

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