Wednesday, February 12

karaoke, subway threats, douchebags and happiness.

Wow - 2014 is not my blogging year aha. I am okay with living life instead of blogging it but I definitely miss this. I promise when I need to vent (which will be soon because I have all kinds of words about the dating (or lack there of) area in my life) there will be a couple good posts for you.

My life has been consisting primarily of 3 things : friends, work and putting together my bedroom! I'm happy to say that all 3 are going great. I absolutely love my job and I have been picking up more hours which is fabulous because I am a little bit broke. The staff is great, the customers are great and the food is pgreat too and I have definitely been indulging!

I have been lucky enough to spend a bunch of time with friends when I'm not working and it's been so awesome to be able to go out and actually do something on the wekeends! Courtney, Alexa and Nevan came over last month for a night out and we had such a good time - well I did anyway ;)

In true Courtney and Bailey fashion we hopped back and forth between two bars, shaking our tail feathers and trying to stay out of trouble. Nevan disappeared on us and after the bars us ladies headed to Subway. We were hoping to get a cab but it ended up taking two hours so I was starting to get a little out of control. There were a group of guys waiting for a cab and when one pulled up I told the cutest guy that if he got in my cab I'd kill him - I literally threatened his life over a cab. While I was verbally assaulting him, Courtney took off to dibs the cab - shes my girl! Instead of turning the guy off completely though - he ended up telling me I was beautiful and I gave him my number. Destiny? No.. just drunk. Either way, we shared a cab home and I decided making out with a stranger was a good idea. Oh Bailey J. He was a good kisser though and had the most gorgeous lookers I've ever seen! (thats eyes by the way). And if you're wondering - yes, we still talk!

I've also been spending a bunch of time with my cousin Kristy. Before I moved up here we didn't really know each other that well on a personal level but now we work together and hang out outside of work and I'm so thankful to have her and that we have had this chance to have a friendship. We have too much so much fun together and I can't wait for more adventures with her!

Me and my cousins Kristy and Katie 

Then this weekend I got ditched by the POF douchebag who I let fool me once again! Ugh! Im dumb! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, still shame on you cause you're a fucking douche. ANYWAYS. Maddy to the rescue - she came up Saturday night and her, Karl and I had a blast together and went uptown. We are such an awesome trio and while I'm not 100% on this - I'm pretty sure it was super super fun.

Also, on Thursday Rach ended up coming to town so when I was off work her, Tay, Bre and I hung out and went to karaoke. This was the day I found out I was being ditched for the weekend and it was the perfect remedy for my shitty mood! I ended up singing a duet with a guy who had seen me at karaoke the week before then contacted me on POF asking me to sing with him. I thought, 'why not'  and away we went lol. Can't forget Tay and I's awesome 'Party for 2' cover either - delicious. Life in Saint John is interesting for me to say the least. Two other guys who have messaged me on POF recognized me form the karaoke place as well - small city man.

So that is what's been up. Lately I've just realized how happy I am that I made the decision to move up here - it was an awesome choice and I am so happy. Life isn't perfect but it's good and I think it's going to get even better. I have the most amazing friends on the planet - friends who get me through any and all of the hard times and I know that I'm so so so lucky. Thank you to all my amazing friends - you have no idea how much I appreciate you!!

One last thing - big shout outs to my wonderful friend Ashley - it's her 24th birthday today!! Love you millions!!

That's it for now folks!
Big Love,
Bailey J

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