Tuesday, February 4

the one time I chugged a beer.

I do not censor anything on this blog - I say it how it is, I post what I want, it's my space. Occasionally, out of respect for people (especially ones I love) I leave names out or don't post every detail of my life because that's how I roll. Tonight I am posting something that not necessarily everyone would be okay with so I'm telling you now - if you don't like alcohol or partying-don't watch it! I am giving you the chance to back out now instead of watching this and then judging me for it. It's all in good fun but if you aren't down with it, you don't have to watch it, it's that simple.

So you're probably all familiar with or have at least heard about Nek Nominations. I was nominated, I did it and I thought I'd share it on here because I'm pretty freakin' proud of how well I did! I was a champ and I've thoroughly enjoyed taping my friends trying to do this as well as doing my own. It's been fun and if you don't like them then don't watch them. It's one beer people... one beer. Cheers.

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