Monday, March 24

the day I went on my first date.

Wednesday I went on my first date. Whenever I told people before then that I haven't been on a date they'd say, "Well you had a boyfriend, did he ever take you out?". Mark and I met on the internet and by the time I lived there we were in a serious relationship and the courting season was over. After we broke up and I saw him in the fall, he did take me to Taco Bell but I don't count that. Would you?

I've always had this fantasy about a guy meeting me and being totally enamored by me, telling me how beautiful I am and how much he'd love to take me to dinner. We would get dressed up and he would pick me up and tell me I looked great and we'd argue about who looked better then drive to a restaurant and get along famously and finish the night with a sophisticated drink haha.

This is totally unrealistic, and I know that, so I also have a fantasy about being taken on a date period. I know dates are becoming a bit obsolete, people just hang out now and where I'm from dating is not even a real thing. Even so, I have had my heart set on a date forever and Wednesday I got my wish.

I met this guy on tinder if you can believe it. I will come right out and say it. I no longer use tinder, so we have been talking for a while, but I did meet him there. We got along really well from the start and we started texting the same day we matched on Tinder. The thing about him that set him apart from other guys I talk to was that he was genuinely nice and that was refreshing. He lived in Freddy so I didn't know when Id meet him then one day I just decided I was gonna make it happen. I texted him, asked what he was doing Wed, said I was coming to Freddy and we set something up.

Because it's me, something was bound to go wrong on the way there. I felt relief wash over me as I rolled into Fredericton, I could see our meeting spot in the distance and as I turned onto Regent street, I heard what sounded like an explosion. I looked around, a bit startled, trying to figure out which car had exploded in the street. When I saw nothing it occurred to me that maybe..just maybe.. I had heard my own car. I turned down my music and realized the sound was coming from good ole White Lightening II.

I pulled off the road and on the sidewalk. I turned off my car, sat there and rolled my eyes. Was this real life?! I would break own on the way to my first date. I hopped out to see what happened - my first guess was that I popped a tire because.. I tend to do that. When all my tires were fine I took a peek under and saw something hanging off of it and realized this was no bueno. Since my car would still drive I took a chance and drove up the road a bit and like a beacon of hope I saw a Canadian Tire sign.

I got super lucky when I arrived because they took my car straight in and paid for a cab for me to get to my date. Once I was in the cab and my date assured me he would wait and it was all good and we werent going to miss the movie (so nice!), I figured I was smooth sailing. Then my cab driver asked when I was due and I thought maybe, just maybe, this was a sign of how the rest of the day was going and I should turn the fuck around.

But I didnt. And Im glad. When I got to the mall he found me pretty quickly and he was really lovely. We chatted for a bit then we saw That Awkward Moment. He took me to that because he saw my status forever ago that said I wanted to see it which was super sweet of him. After we hung out at the food court for a couple of hours and chatted. It was nice once I was comfortable - i was sweaty and nervous at first lol. He tried to make me eat a couple of times, which I can't do because Im a sketch fuck but he bought me a diet pepsi - good man.

I don't really know if anything is going to happen with him and I, there are no plans for a second date but we will definitely remain friends and Im so glad I went on my first date with him. I'm hoping to do this dating thing a bit more now that I've done it once but we'll see.. I'm kind of shit at it aha.

Since being with Mark my feelings on love and relationships have changed alot - I'm much more cynical now. I don't trust anyone, I'm afraid I won't find anyone and if a guy is interested I'm constantly questiong it - like what the fuck is happening here? I don't want to be like that, I want to be sunshine and lollipops about love like I used to be but.. thats life.

I guess I'm just waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet and turn me into a believer again.

Lol.. keep dreamin, Bail.

Big Love,
Bailey J

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