Sunday, April 6

my true soul mates.

Imagine the most annoying, shrieking, jumping up and down, crazy group of drunk girls you can ever imagine... you have my friends and I.

I am blessed with friendship. I may not have my shit together and other things in my life may be a bit rough at times but one thing is for sure - friendship - GOOD friendship- is abundant in this girls life. It hit me as I entered my friends apartment to have some drinks one Saturday night. I had my roommate in tow, who hadn't been out with us in a while, and we all got excited and crazy as I surprised our other friend with her presence. Then, not much later, another friend showed up who i was beyond happy to see, and with her she had brought another good friend who was also a surprise that night. We all began jumping around the room like 4 year old girls screaming and hugging. 

I know this sounds a bit silly - we are all in our 20s and should probably relax. Here is the funny thing though - we get together quite often. I see most of these girls at least once a month, sometimes every day, but I still get giddy and excited and happy to spend a night with them doing something we have done a million times. No matter what I always cherish the time I spend with them, because I absolutely love having them in my life. 

This goes for all of my friends. After very few days apart my best friend and I will miss each other and send each other texts and start figuring out when we will see each other again and it doesn't matter what we're doing - its cool as long as I'm with them. I can sit with my friends and do absolutely nothing and even say absolutely nothing and because Im surrounded by people I adore, Im totally content.

It may sound cheesy but I am the luckiest person on the planet. I have so many friends who care about me, love me, check in on me, and root for me and I am blessed to have such amazing people to do the same for. Though I struggle sometimes with feeling sad I'm not in a relationship.. I know that I have something so special in my life that not everyone has and that is some really fucking awesome friends.

So to every single one of my friends - thank you for lifting me up and making my heart and life so full. I have no idea what I would do without you. I love you all!

Big Love,

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