Tuesday, April 29

Saying Goodbye To White Lightning

Today I am saying goodbye to my second car, the first car I ever bought on my own, White Lightning. I bought this car a year ago tomorrow and though it is an absolute piece of junk I find myself emotional and reluctant to give her up. After all, it has been a hell of a year and she has been there by my side the whole time.

In March of 2013 I sold my last car, The Blueberry to a friend for $300 as I planned to move in with my boyfriend, Mark, in California. As most of you know, Mark and I broke up and I moved home. I bought White Lightning, a 97 Pontiac Sunfire 2 months after the break up and moving back to Grand Manan. The car has a lot of sentimental value to me - good and bad. Buying this car was a commitment to staying on Grand Manan, where I do not prefer to live, and moving on from my life with Mark which at that point I wasn't sure if I was ready to do.

That sunfire was my escape. At that time I was unemployed besides my small house and pet sitting business and I spent a lot of time driving around, with the music cranked so high I couldnt think, crying, singing and trying to figure out where the fuck my life was going and if I was ever going to feel whole again. I found solace in white lightning.. I cried a lot of tears in that car. It was a very sad, heart broken time in my life but I kind of drove through my shit storm.

Eventually life started looking up. I was working a job I loved, making good money, the sun was shining and my friends lived at home. White Lightning and I made some memories doing road trips to Saint John and Freddy to see friends and sometimes to see boys. I remember trucking to Fredericton late one Monday night to see a boy I liked so much and even though looking back I should've been embarrassed to show up in that thing, I was just happy to have a way there. She always got me where I needed to go.

In January I made the move to Saint John in White Lightning and got my job at vitos and she has been getting me there ( most of the time) every day for the last 4 months. I have started this new life here and I am happy and moving on and a lot has changed but White Lightning has been my constant - an unreliable constant but a constant nonetheless. Though I know it's time for something new and reliable, I am sad to say goodbye to a car that I was using during such a crazy time in my life. Im such a sucker.

But this new car, which I totally love, is going to be with me for some awesome new memories and I can't wait to see whats up next here in Saint John. Today I am saying a fond goodbye to White Lightning and an eager hello to whatever the future holds, good or bad, with my new car.

Later Days, White Lightning.
Big Love,

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