Monday, May 26

im alive and life is grand!

After committing to the blog I didnt write again - classic Bailey. Apparently commitment isn't my thing lately! Either way - life has been good. Here's what I've been up to : 

Rach and I had one of the best nights of our lives and saw Backstreet Boys in Halifax. Absolutely for the books..I'll never EVER forget it. 

Went home for a couple days! Surprised Mom and had a dinner date with the girls! Al is home from Oz - so awesome to see her. Some quality time with the stinker as well.. love him millions. 

Got a hurr cut!

Got a sunburn..shaved..and got a nasty rash on my leg. Not cool. 

Celebrated Rachels Birthday - too much fun! 


Went to my first Burger Week with Josh. We had a burger that had a patty, a chicken breast, bacon and pulled pork on it. I felt quite ill after but it was delicious and lovely company too! 

Met a hot guy at the bar and had this conversation at 3:30 in the morning when he was trying to get me to come over. I definitely don't need to wonder when Im not getting laid or finding a boyfriend. I didnt go over.. too busy dreaming about cheeseburgers. 

Speaking of boys.. its been a roller coaster. I still haven't found a decent one but its been an interesting month. I was seeing a guy in Moncton who ended up being a bit of a jerk off but I am currently getting to know someone with potential and Im pretty excited about it. He's nice and so handsome and I really enjoy talking to him. The guy I was seeing all but refused to come down for my birthday weekend and stay with me after several trips to Moncton for him. This new guy? Offered to come down for the entire weekend to celebrate with me... yep.. potential! I will definitely keep you posted - im SO nervous!!

Other than that life is mostly work and fun when I have time! Im still really enjoying living in Saint John. The new car is wonderful - its so nice driving around without a thought of breaking down even close to my mind. Im currently apartment shopping (and also looking for a roommate if anyone knows of one) and I cant wait to have it out of the way - too much stress for me aha. Also - gearing up for my birthday week which starts right about now. Big fan of my birthday week aha. 

Whats new with everyone else? 
Big love,
Bailey. xo

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