Monday, June 23

a day of adventures. [day 5]

Good afternoon, lovely readers!

Yesterday when I finished my post I said "tomorrow is going to be awesome" and today really was awesome. It was one of the best days I've had in a while and definitely makes up for my shitty day yesterday!

I woke up this morning and Ashley and Ryker were in town. We had made plans to have a day in the city and hit up the zoo and I was pretty excited it was finally happening! I LOVE animals and although I have conflicting feelings about the zoo, I had never been to the Cherry Brook and thought it would be a fun adventure to take Ryker.

After a pizza pit stop and picking up my friend Josh we headed out. We had a good time at the zoo and my personal favorite was the snow leopard and least favorite was the creepy emu. I'd tell you what Rykers favorite part was but he thought ever single animal was a tiger so he was pretty content either way. I was easy to please - the last zoo I went to was in Guatemala and there was one totally insane tiger and some possums. Pretty bleak.

When we finished we weren't ready for the adventures to stop so we decided to check out the fair that is in town. We bought a bunch of tickets and hit up all of the rides that Ryk was big enough to get on. Josh and I were kind of useless for most of them because we get sick but I got on the ferris wheel and Josh did a little mini roller coaster with him. Mama Ash definitely won the ride crown by doing the ferris wheel, strawberry, bumble bee and the carousel.

It was a gorgeous day and we won some prizes, got slushies and ate mini cinnamon donuts so I really have nothing to complain about! To top it all off I may get to have some lobster dip tonight and I got a really nice call from my father today who wanted to cheer me up after seeing my blog yesterday. I am blessed and life is beautiful and that's what this project is all about. :)

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Have a beautiful day,
Big Love,

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