Monday, June 23

comfort food [day 4]

Today was the first day I struggled with finding something to post for my 100 happy days. I was hoping it wouldn't happen so soon (day 4, really?!) but it was a bad day and it's that time of the month so what can you do? 

Nothing too awful happened today it was just a bad of those days. I'm emotional and lonely and then I lost out on $80 after an incident at work, not to mention work was hellishly busy and I went home in the negative! Just a bad day. 

So now I'm at home comforting myself with a sidekick and some TLC and I'm choosing to enjoy it thoroughly and count it as my happy moment of the day. Sometimes you just have to accept that every day cant be perfect and enjoy a treat and some weird shows about amish people. 

Tomorrow is going to be awesome..absolutely awesome! Check back tomorrow for a more uplifting post. :) Remember to follow along with my 100 Happy Days on my blog or through instagram. You can follow me with the username beejsmallz ( or with the hashtags #100happydays #choosehappy and/or #bailchooses happy. Let me know if you decide to take the challenge as well so I can follow you!

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