Wednesday, June 25

Kristy [Day 6]

Todays post is late because work was kinda terrible. The bright side is that I came home with 140$ from a night shift on a tuesday which is super rare. The bad news is I didnt even get into Millidgeville until 11 and thats annoying. Oh well!

Today for my 100 happy days I'm celebrating Kristy. Kristy is my cousin/soul sister diva who has basically been taking care of me and being my best friend since I moved to Saint John. She listens to all my bullshit, gives me advice (even when it hurts!), feeds me, makes me laugh, finds me jobs and the list goes on and on. My life really would be a racket without her and she has been a huge blessing to my life since I moved here in January. 

Today she made me Chicken Alfredo and I knew she had to be my Day 6. Love you! 

Remember to follow along with my 100 Happy Days on my blog or through instagram. You can follow me with the username beejsmallz ( or with the hashtags #100happydays #choosehappy and/or #bailchooses happy. Let me know if you decide to take the challenge as well so I can follow you!

big love,

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  1. I'm loving your posts! Love the 100 Happy Days project :)


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