Friday, June 20

my mother might kill me today. [Day 2]

Yesterday I started the 100 Happy days challenge on my blog and on instagram. To follow along either follow me on instagram : beejsmallz or search the hashtags #100happydays, #bailchooseshappy and/or #choosehappy. To find out more about what lead me to do this little project check out yesterdays post. If you read it then welcome to Day 2 - are you proud I made it this far? Because I kind of suck at consistency! Go me!

My mother might kill me for posting that photo of her but it's important to me. Today, my mom loving me enough to wake up at 6am on a day she took off just to see me for a couple minutes before I left made my happy. I'm blessed to have a truly awesome mother who loves me more than anyone should . I know that I probably wouldnt wake up at 6 for anything really so it means a lot to me that a couple minutes of seeing me was worth it to her. Im so lucky.

Happy Friday, everyone!
Big love,


  1. Now that is a beautiful picture for sure...but thanks for the sentiment! love you XOXOXO

  2. I'm with you. 6am does not exist in my world unless it is absolutely necessary. Nice to know that you are necessary!


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