Wednesday, June 25

Trying New Things. [Day 7.]

Props to myself for making it through the first week of my 100 Happy Days project and especially for posting it on the blog the whole time. I'm quite impressed with myself for making the time to record it all here and I know by the end of it I'll be happy I kept track of it all and didn't get lazy.

Todays happiness is brought to you by food.. which is not unusual. Today my friend Medo and I got together for lunch and he took me to Taste Of Egypt - a restaurant in uptown Saint John that I've been dying to try. He had the beef kebob and I had a shawarma wrap with rice! I love going to new places and trying new things (especially food, lets be honest) so I was so happy to go with him. The wrap was delicious and the company was great. He has been an awesome friend to me since we met in January.

The picture I got of the food was a super shitty picture but oh well! :) After lunch we went to Rockwood Park and I got super lost but you can't actually get lost so it was fine. We went to a part of the park I haven't been to before and it was really nice. Id really like to start running up there, mostly because I can run deep into the forest where no one can see me lol

Remember to follow along with my 100 Happy Days on my blog or through instagram. You can follow me with the username beejsmallz ( or with the hashtags #100happydays #choosehappy and/or #bailchooses happy. Let me know if you decide to take the challenge as well so I can follow you!

big love,
bailey j 

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