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family, friends and free shit [Days 8-14]

Excuse my french but Holy Shit. The past week has been crazy. Between working like crazy after losing a couple of coworkers and moving into my new place, I've barely had time to sleep or breathe. I'm finally on a day off and I am on Grand Manan seeing my parents, big brother, his wife and their kids. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it but last night I surprised them and I'm so happy to be here! I really needed the time off and being able to see my family who I don't see very often is making this day off so much sweeter!

The first couple of days I missed were just too busy to make any time for blogging and the next few I was at the new place without WIFI so that's why I have missed the past week. Despite this I have definitely still been looking for things to write about and keeping track so that I can stay accountable. I am going to finish this 100 Days - no excuses!

So let's start back at last thursday.

Day 8 New Friends

Meet Vanessa! Vanessa and I work at Vitos together. Last Thursday Vanessa and I had some drinks after work and hit up karaoke. She is one of the most genuine, kind people I've ever met. I have been so lucky working at Vitos - I have made some really great friends and been able to take the friendships outside of work which is great. Everyone I work with I get along with and I'm really happy to have met everyone there, they make the job awesome! 

Day 9 Independence

I've always wanted to be super independent but I am totally not at all. I call my mom all the time for silly, embarrassing things and I always have to ask a million questions about things because I've never done them on my own. Looking for a new place and moving in has forced me to do a lot of new, grown up things that I've never done before and it's been a scary and cool experience. I definitely feel I have gained some independence through this experience and I'm totally down with that. Independent sister diva for life! (Unfortunately I literally will probably be a single diva for life)

Day 10 Free Beers (Cider..same thing) 

For those of you who don't know what Klout is, it is essentially a social media program that gives you points depending on how popular you are within social media sites such as facebook, twitter and instagram and will send you free things as your points get higher. I've received a lot of interesting things from Klout but when they sent me Molsen Canadians delicious Cider last week I was pretty thrilled! It was the day I was moving so they couldn't have come at a better time. Free beers are the best beers and I was one happy little camper! 

Day 11 Helping Hands

Sunday my father and his friend showed up to move my heavy things into my new place. I have never been more thankful for help. I had to work a split shift that day and after I went to work they moved all my furniture, etc up the 3 flights to my new apt in the blistering heat. I am so blessed to have people who are willing to help me.. I couldn't ever say thank you enough. 

Later that night, around 2:30AM, after packing and cleaning since 10pm, I was finally carrying my stuff from my car up to my new apartment. I was exhausted - more exhausted than I been in a long time - and I was on the edge of a mental breakdown.. okay, I had already had a mental breakdown. As I loaded my arms up with a couple more bags to carry upstairs, my friend Medo, a knight in shining armor, showed up out of nowhere and asked if I needed help. It was like a guardian angel had been sent to me from the heavens! He didn't know I was moving but had seen me on my way to the store and stopped in to help me. This gesture meant SO much to me and was so much easier to appreciate after having a different guy totally ditch me earlier that evening when I started to pack up my stuff. I am so glad to have Medo and my other caring, generous friends like him to help get me through life. I'd be a wreck without ya's! 

Day 12 Last minute Maddy Visits 

On Monday I was working and I got a text from Maddy asking me to call her. When I did, she asked what I was doing that night as it was Canada Day Eve and there was a lot going on in SJ. I told her I was hitting up the boardwalk with my friends and she decided to make the trip up and come out with me. Maddy is my best friend and whenever she comes to town I am the happiest person in the world so her showing up after a bit of a stressful weekend was just what I needed - I had the excited shits and everything! We had SUCH a blast Monday night celebrating Canada with all kinds of friends and I just love her so much!

Day 13 Surprises! 

So as I mentioned I came home last night and surprised my family. I love surprising and I love to be surprised so I took advantage of my chance to come home and surprise everyone. I'm not sure how surprised they were as I tend to pull shit like this a lot but it made me happy so thumbs up to that! 

Day 14 Family 

Today I have been able to hang out and see my niece and nephews and since I barely ever get to I've really enjoyed having them around. I'll be very sad to go tomorrow but I'm just thankful I was able to come home. It's always so crazy to see how they have grown and how smart and funny they are. I wish I could tell you every funny thing they say and capture it all on camera but I probably find them especially cute and awesome since they're my own. 

Tomorrow I'm headed back to the city. Im sad to leave but I'm just thankful I was able to come at all and it will be nice to get the apartment all set up and make it home. As soon as I have wifi I will be updating regularly but until then my posts will probably be scattered and combined days - sorry! Will try my best :) 

Big Love,

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