Saturday, July 26

My first weigh in!

Yesterday I woke up feeling light. I was at my friends place in Fredericton and as I drove back to SJ I decided I was going to get on the scale. I know I shouldn't weigh myself at home when I'm getting weighed at weight watchers but since I had decided to wait a week and a half for my first weigh in I was anxious to see how I was doing. When I arrived home, I jumped on and was very pleased at the number on the scale.

Later that day I went to work, stayed within my points but still felt kinda yucky - I ate too much within a tiny time frame and I wont be doing that again. Then I started to get nervous - was I going to screw up my weigh in (which was today) by eating so much late in the day? The panic set in.

When I woke up this morning to get ready for my weigh in before work, I was nervous. I did a bad thing and I jumped on the scale which told me I had gained .6 (from my starting weight, not what I had seen yesterday). After 10 days of eating healthy and staying within my points had I really gained? I decided I didn't even want to go to my weigh in. How embarrassing woudl that be - my first week on WW and I gained?!

Then I told myself this is why I joined - to be accountable! So I went..and I was very thankful I did. Maybe I shouldn't leave my scale by the shower cause that thing was way off - I lost 5.9lbs! I was so happy and it was motivation to keep it up.

I am so thankful I made the decision to join and finally turn things around. I haven't been perfect - I have eaten chips, drank grown up drinks and dipped into some chocolate and cheese-ball one night but I have been staying within my points and eating so much better. I feel awesome and I even had someone comment that I look like I've lost a bit of weight which may not be true but it still feels good.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned on Tuesday that I have a goal of losing 20lbs by the time we go to Florida for my cousin Katies wedding. The date is September.18th that we leave and now I only have 14.1lbs to go and I really feel like I can do it if I stick to the plan. 14lbs in 7.5 weeks is doable but I need to be consistent so keep me on my toes, friends!

This weeks goals are to be more strict with my logging and drink more water! Check in next Saturday for my 2nd weigh in! And like I said on Tuesday, if you have any good weight loss blogs I should read please share! :)

Big love,


  1. Great work Bail! Love you XOXOXOXO

  2. Great job!! Good thing you went! I never weigh myself at work because it's a pretty big difference (plus I've already eaten and drank a ton of water since I was home). Keep up the good work, it's obviously paying off!

  3. I got through stages of weighing obsessively and not weighing in at all, I haven't found the right balance yet. I successfully lost 70lbs but now that I've only got 30 to go, I seem to be stuck. Weight Watchers didn't work for me, nor did Slimming World. I can't handle all the points and stuff as someone who knows a fair bit about nutrition. I've seen it work for so many people though so I'm sure you'll have no problem losing those 14lbs before the wedding.

    My blog is fitness/fashion with a bit of weight loss thrown in there. Good luck!


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